Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Anthony - July 27, 2016

Not-So-Weekly report of THE END

SO this is it. the last and final time I will write you all as a full time missionary. Because as we all know that we are missionarys for life. But I cannot wait to see you all. For those that I will not see I will see you later. For those of you that are on the mission I have to say that you are doing an amazing job and you don't know how much you mean to these people. Or how much your influence is to them. To those that I will See I will see you. Love you all and hope you have the greatest week ever. Love E' Whetten 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Anthony - July 20, 2016

Not-So-Weekly Report of the Walking dead

So this is it. The second to last. But I'm not getting trunky or anything. (hehehehehe) But anyways this week was really good. We found a guy that wants to get baptized. He is gong trough a really hard time but we are helping him through it. He said that he had a dream that he needed to get baptized. I'm cool with that. We are also teaching 2 families and its just super cool to see the changes in them as they grow in their knowledge of the truth. Another cool thing that happened is that we had a Capilla Abierta. My comp and I were stationed in the Batizmal area. We were supposed to teach about what we believe about baptizm. All good and fine when 2 Hitianas showed up, and these didn't speak english or spanish. SO what did we do, an Hermana and I we taught them. Me in French and her in Creole. It was pretty sick, I was scared out of my mind as you can Imagine. But it was cool to see that even though I couldn't  speak that well and I only used words from on scripture I could do it. The Hermana was amazing and it sounded fluent. So it was super cool. SO that was my Miracle for this week. Love you all and hope for the best. 

Love, E' Whetten

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Anthony - July 13, 2016

Not-So-Weekly report of a part time dead guy prt. 3

Well this week I got sick, nothing major, just a cold, but it knocked me out for a couple of days. But I'm fine now. I I am really short of time but I Love you all and hope for the best.
Love E WHetten

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Pics from Chile

Anthony - July 6, 2016

Not-so-weekly report from the top of South America

Well this week was really good. A bit strange and wacky, but good. Truthfully I can't remember the exact order of things, but I will do my best. It was either Thursday or Friday morning when we met our new Mission President. He is really cool, and seem to be pretty funny. On Sunday a miracle happened. We had invited some investigators to church, and almost all of them came. We are teaching the Fa Henriauez, they have a date for baptism. And also the family Baldarama. They have to get married first before we can baptize them. It was really cool to see all of them there in the church, feeling the spirit. Then on Monday, of course, we celebrated the 4th of July, like a boss. I live with 2 other gringo, and the Chilean  is going to the states, so that night we stayed up late making hamburgers and french fries. Yesterday we did service. We helped plaster a wall, and install flooring, even though we had no idea what we were doing. It was fun, but like I said, we had no idea. But we did it anyways and it turned out nice. Today we went to the tallest building in South America. Its super cool. You can see for miles. But yeah, that was the week. Love you all and hope you week is awesome. 
Love E' Whetten

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Anthony - June 29

Not-so-weekly report of the Shampoo painter

This week was a good one. Lots of walking, talking to people and parties...I mean ward activities. it was really cool. Some less actives did a ward activity so that they could be reactivated. it was really cool. Other then that we painted a gym. It was c}crazy. someone told me to put shampoo on my hands to help get it off. It didn't work. Oh well other then that its all good. love you all and hope you have a wonderful week. 
Love E' whetten

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Anthony - June 22, 2016

Not-so-weekly report of a moving van

So this is it. the first of the last. But I would just like to bare my testimony that I know that this church is true and that the only way to happiness is through Christ. I know that the spirit tells us what we need to know, and when and how to say it. He is our constant companion and will always want the best for us. I know these things not because of logic, or reason. Not because I am supposed to say these things, but because this has to be true. I know this because I have experienced it in my life and seen it in the lives of my investigators and members. This week was simple. We taught the word of God to people. I had a very interesting experience, well two, but on the same topic. One time my companion asked me to give him a blessing, and my comp was Chilean and very strict about spanish. SO the only thing I could do was trust in the spirit and say what he told me to. So I did, and I said things that I never would have said. The same thing happened in a leccion with an investigator i didn't know what to say, so I just said what the spirit told me to say and testified of Christ.I love you all and hope your week is awesome
Love E' Whetten

Oh and by the way, I went to a new sector for my last change.  I'm with the first person that I met on the mission. E' Despain. He's awesome.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Anthony - June 15, 2016

Not-so-weekly Report of a MR Clean

So this week was, interesting. President Cook gave his last capasitation and we all ended up crying our eyes out. It was really good, but sad. Then yesterday and every other day this past week the Copa America we going on, so whenever Chile was playing the people disappeared. It was like magic. But in that time it we did a super cool contact in the street. She doesn't live in our sector, but we gave her a BOM and it was a really cool contact. Other then that all normal. I love you all and hope that your life is awesome. 
Love E' Whetten

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Pic from Chile

Anthony - June 7, 2016

Not-So-weekly report of Elder Whetton

I forgot to tell you guys about that. Or I did and I just want to tell it again, but I asked for some plaques and they sent them to me with Elder Whetton. I was just like NOOOOOOOOO, the curse has follow me to here. But anyways, this week has been pretty normal, nothing big or huge. WE have had alot of rain though, and that is always sucky. But I did find a cord for my camara, but this comp is slow, so I'll send pics next week
E' Whetten

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Anthony - June 1, 2016

Not-So-Weekly Report of The Old Man in Blue Pj's

This week was a good week. We have started to teach the friend of Jeannot, which is super cool because we explain it doing our best to not do it very quickly or complicated, and anything that he doesn’t understand Jeannot explains in Haitian. So that’s super cool, we have like our personal translator. He also is learning Spanish really quickly, so that helps. It’s incredible. Other then that we are working with very few investigators, mostly less actives that we are trying to help to get back to church. some of them are just old and can't but most of them are just lazy, or don't understand what it is to be a member of this church, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, it takes work. But the end is glorious. WE can literally become like our heavenly Father, but it take a struggle and trial, that’s just the way it is. But anyways, this week was good. Finding people, teaching the gospel, being awesome. Love you all and hope your week is glorious.
E' Whetten

Friday, May 27, 2016

Anthony - May 25, 2016

Not-So-Weekly Report from a Servant of the Lord.

This week was incredible. First Jeannot was baptized, I was smiling from ear to ear, and it was just incredible. Then Monday we had a presentation about Family History. IT was really good. The teacher went off on the subject of science and  God. Which is a topic that I love, just to see the paths of the Lord in the smallest of everything. Then she told us something that I will never forget. She said you have been set on a level and we can't look down. We need to stay on that level. It was just super cool. Then yesterday we had someone pretty much interrogate us trying to make us doubt our beliefs. We can't explain our religion with logic. We cannot prove our message with any science. It is something that is true, but you cannot explain it to someone that doesn't want to know. The saddest thing is that he thinks that by doing what he is doing he can have the same as us. That heaven is something easy, help people but nothing more. But it does not work like that, we have much more to do, and we cannot do that through any other way then through the priesthood of the Lord. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week. 
E' Whetten

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Anthony - May 18, 2016

Not-So-Weekly report of MR Bilingual

This week has been really good, we are finding people like crazy, the only problem is keeping them. But thats the rule. But something cool that is happening is that we are preparing Jeannot, our Haitian friend, for baptism this Sunday. He is so cool, and literally how everything happened is a miracle. with him not speaking spanish and everything, with his house (i'll explain later) and just everything. Its so cool to see the hand of God in this work. Other then that, just some crazy contacts and finding people that want to listen to us. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Anthony - May 11, 2016

Not-So-Weekly Report of the Men in White

This week was really good. We had a baptism, which is pretty awesome. I had to play the piano for it, and they only told me like 5 minutes beforehand. So yeah, found out a new talent. Other then that life has been pretty normal. We went to MIM, which is pretty cool. I have to go. Love you all and hope your week is awesome. 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Anthony - May 4, 2016

Not-So-Weekly report of the Local Sufari guide.

I know I probably didn't spell that right, but I really don't care. Anyways, today we went to the Zoo, it was pretty sick. WE tried to see all the animals, but some were hiding. But we still saw alot. I won't name them all because that would be a waste of time and frankly idiotic. Lets just leave it at it is a zoo. So that was fun. Another cool thing that is happening is that our Hatian friend is going to get baptized this Sunday. Its super cool. WE have been working so hard with him to get him to this point. And its not  always easy because neither of us speak Hatian or french, but we make do with what we have. Its super cool to see the effect that the spirit has on people, no matter the language. I am so blessed to be a part of this and to see it. Other then that the week has been pretty normal, nothing big has happened, just talking to people about the gospel, and stuff. WE also found a really cool couple that are super interested. WE taught pretty much all the leccions in one, and all because he was asking questions. It was super cool. So we'll see how it goes. Love you all and hope your week is awesome. 
LOve E' Whetten

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Anthony - April 27, 2016

Not-So-Weekly Report of a Derby Downer

Ok, so last week was kinda sucky, but it was worse that I said it. Truthfully the mission is great, and one can make it good if you want to. This week I finally received something that I asked my Mother to send, a diary of my great great great great grandfather. and lets just say that his mission was a whole lot harder then mine. He was rejected from entire citys, I'm just rejected at a few doorsteps. He almost died from heatstroke, I only have to deal with a bit of rain. HE was told, to his face, that he would have no success, and lived in the middle of sin city (thats how he described it), while I have members that help, and the only person telling me that we are wasting our time is myself. I pretty have no reason to complain. Life is great, and if it rains, let it pour. Lets just say that my great great great great grandfather is a boss that is just epic. 

Anyways this week was a good week. WE have been Teaching Jannot alot. HE is a Haitian that has been here is Chile for 1 moth and 3 weeks. He is learning Spanish and really quickly. We also got permission to learn french because alot of Haitians come here to find a better life. So in that we are doing our best to be able to teach them when we find them. So thats cool. We also had one of our investigators go to church this Sunday, it was awesome. She is one of the one that the missionary's stopped going by her house but she still reads and everything, just its kinda hard to find her. But that is the long and short of it. Love you all and hope your week is awesome. 
Love E' Whetten 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Anthony - April 20, 2016

Not-So-Weekly report of one of those "Just Add Water, Watch It Grow" toys

Ok, so this week was incredibly wet and kinda sucky. Wet I do well in, my cop hates it. WE passed through 2 days of pure rain, and one of the many attributes of a Chilean is that if it starts to sprinkle you do not leave the house. Not even to answer the door, and we just so happened to not have anything sure planned. Everywhere we went we contacted, but we found very few, and no one wanted to let us into there house. But I guess one has to pass through such times to understand and appreciate the good times. We also had 2 investigators drop us, one doesn't believe in the bible and the other wants to do a personal search to see if its true. (oh and by the way the first one was our golden from last week, she loved the church, just not that they talked about the Bible) So yeah, that is never fun, but eventually they will receive it in its fullness. Just it won't be through me. In other news the water got turned off for a day and we all freaked out. We couldn't bath, wash the dishes and do things like that. But it got turned on again before we died. and all that happy good stuff. But by Chilean law we couldn't have our sacrament meeting that Sunday, and our bishop didn't think it would be right. But there was a ward next to us was porfiado and had Sacrament meeting anyways, so we went there. Other then that my life is pretty normal, contacts, leccions and just stuff in general. I love you all and hope for the best. 
Love E' Whetten

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Anthony - April 13, 2016

Not-So-Weekly Report of a Wanna Be Pirate prt. 3

So yeah, we had the boat, the peg-leg and the eye-patch, now we have a parrot that actually sits on the shoulder of someone, and it bit me. So that was cool. The lady that has the parrot also has a pug, the parrot and the pug are worst enemys. Its pretty funny. If the lady puts the cage on the ground for to long the pug goes and pees on it. and the parrot goes into the doghouse just to bug the pug. 

Anyways this week was good, lots of contacts, but that ok, I like contacts. Its like a surprize box. You never know whats on the other side of the door. And sometime you find people of gold. This week we talked to a girl, she is studying and has alot to do and feels really overloaded. We talked about it and how she could find peace int the church. Then we invited her to church and she accepted. So that sunday we took her to church, we were a bit late but we got there right when people started to bare their testimony and it was just awesome. Then it got really quiet and stay that way until the end. It was pretty weird, but what can you do. Then she went to the classes and had an awsome experience. Pretty epic. Thats pretty much the week, love you all. 
E' Whetten

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Anthony - March 30, 2016

Not-so-Weekly report of the Barefoot Dog Catcher

Yes, yes, I know, explain. SO yesterday we were stuck all day in the house for what is known as Joven cobatiente. It was fun, then it got kinda boring. I can't study for very long with out getting sleepy. But I did learn how to make tortillas. it was fun, I did that and everyone just kinda stared at me like I was crazy. But in the end I had delicious. At the end of the day we were all pretty tired of seeing each other, so we decided to watch some of the Church videos, and movie, when a newly baptized member called and told us that he has something for us outside. WE went and they had made cinnamon rolls. And not the bad chilean version but the real thing. We were super happy. Then all of a sudden the dogs escaped. So we had to catch them. But the problem was that I was dressed like a clown and didn't have shoes. But I ran anyways. I don't think I have ever run faster in my life. But it was fun anyways. I got home and my feet hurt, but I was smiling like crazy. So there we sat. Eating and watching Mountain of the Lord, Only a stone cutter, all the classics, until we had to go to bed. Today was pretty normal, we played soccer. Tomorrow I am going to hurt like crazy. This week, other then that, was pretty normal lots of contacting, and almost every night we take Jannot to the house of the Hna that's teaching to speak Spanish, I help and in doing so I learn a bit of french. Its cool. I learned that Girlfriend is petit amie in french, its really cute, its literally means, little love. But yeah other then that, all good. I love you all and hope your week is awesome. 
Love E' Whetten

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Anthony - March 23, 2016

Not-so-Weekly Report of A Part-time Frenchman

Well this week has been very interesting. Its weird being in a sector where you know that you will only stay for 2 weeks. But thats how it is. But the coolest thing that happened this week is that we found a guy from Haiti that speaks only French, Creole, and a very small portion of english. So I talk to him and hope he understands. We had a ward night last night and it was fun, and our friend, his name is Jannot, came. He was really confused because he didn't understand .I don't think he felt comfortable. But In the ward there is an Hna that speaks a little more french then me and could communicate to him. You should have seen the smile on his face. He was super happy. She agreed to teach him spanish if he taught her French. Shes awesome. And hey we can learn french too!
Oui, je parle fran├žais, et toi. Ma masion est petite. Or something like that. Anyways that was cool. Other then that we have been contacting like crazy trying to find people to teach, we have a couple but they don't progress. And this sector is not like my old one. Really rich. so the people are harder to talk to, or just insane. But is all good. Hope you all have a great  week. 
Love E' Whetten. 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Fotos from Chile

Magic card throwing skills


Being WEird with E' Groen

Lord of the Slumps

Elder Palacios, Chile

Anthony - March 16, 2016

Not-so-weekly Report of a Almost Broken Bunk Bed

So this was a very interesting week, but it was fetching awesome. So we had a special training with Elder Nelson from the Quorum of the 12, and that is cool in and of its self. It was a broadcast from Salt Lake to Chile, but only to Chile, so that was sweet. The spirit was so strong. But the coolest thing about that conference was that one of our less actives that we had just barely started to teach went. She hadn’t gone for like 17 years, and she doesn’t have a firm grasp on the doctrine, so we have been teaching her and her grandma. But it was awesome, she went to church!!!!! I left that reunion so happy. Other than that the week was pretty simple. We contacted and contacted and tried to balance our time between the two sectors. But now I am in another sector, in another stake with someone else. I changed this morning. It was really weird, just going to another sector all of a sudden. I had to pack really fast and I hardly got to say goodbye to very many people. But I guess that is how the mission is. I am now with E' Palacio. He is awesome; we also live in a square that has 2 floors. It’s kinda tiring to go up and down the stairs all the time. I think that the hardest thing was finding a place to put all my ties. Hehe. Anyways I love you all and hope your week is amazing. 

Love E' Whetten

Friday, March 11, 2016

Anthony - March 9

Not-so-weekly report of an Orphan

Ok so this week was about the craziest week I have ever had in my Mission, and ' saying something. Anyways, last Wednesday at like 8 at night my comp got called to have special changes, and that's always weird. But its a weird that can be handled. Anyways my comp left and also another guy that lived in our house. So on Thursday I was in a trio and waited for my new comp. Well turns out that I have no new comp. I am in a Trio for now, and we don't know when he is going get here. So the last couple of days I have been going out with Members like crazy, the people in my ward are awsome, but now the only problem is school. The people with who I was going out with now have school and so can only go out until 8. Bummer, but workable. Other then that its been great. Our house is being renovated so we have lights and the walls are being painted and our shower works and everything. So that's an upgrade.And today we went to the temple, which I always love to do. Its such a great pick-me-up and always leaves me with a huge smile on my face (and a red line on my forehead), then we went to Wendy's and ate. All in all a good week. Love you all and hope your week is amazing. 
Love E' Whetten

Anthony - March 2, 2016

Not-So-Weekly report of a poor little rich boy

So ok, we went and played paintball for P-day today, and then we went and ate at a fancy restaurant. It was a big group of sweaty boys all hauling into this place, people were looking at us weird but we really din't care. I ate ribs, really good ribs and french fries. It was slightly burnt, but so was I so it was ok. 

This week was good, we did contacts, had leccions, found some more snakes, it was good. WE also painted a restaurant (nothing big or fancy but a restaurant) and then she made us Aroz chaufan for lunch. It was amazing. I have found that I love Peruvian food, even though its really hard to make. Other then that the week was pretty normal. I have to run. I Love you all and hope your week is awesome. 
Love E' Whetten

Friday, February 26, 2016

Anthony - February 24, 2016

Not-So-Weekly Report of This guy and his pen

This week was good and interesting. Today in the morning we had an awesome conference with elder Bednar, he did this conference better then the other  conference I have been at. He made it to where we weren't just listening to talks but really listening to what the spirit could teach us. I learned alot. We also set a baptismal date, His name is Osvaldo, and he went to the Calpilla abierta, we had been teaching him before that but I think that experience really changed him. WE are also teaching a family from Peru, they are super receptive and ready to listen to this gospel. WE just have to straighten out some points of doctrine, but that's not to hard. I also left the house where we live, for the first time in a year, it made me super happy. I went with a missionary of my same group. and pretty much we did contacts all day. But what was really cool is that we went to  one house and yelled and a lady came out, she didn't look very receptive, but we started to talk to her, and she let us into her patio and there we taught the entire Plan of salvation. they have a cita with her for later, so that was awesome. BUt yeah thats My Life, I love you all and hope your life is awesome. 
Love E' Whetten

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Anthony - February 17, 2016

Not-So-Weekly report of a someone who just bought a cake

I have always liked cake. Anyways this week was hectic. We had 2 open houses in a row. In the same building, which is our building. So it was kinda nuts. Alot of cleaning and contacting, but hey, in the end we got a whole lot of contacts. So that will keep us busy for quite some time. But other then that my life has been very calm. Today we didn't do much, just buying stuff in the feria, then sleeping until it was time to do something. So I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week. 
Love E' Whetten

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Anthony - Feb. 10, 2016

Not-so-weekly report of

Well this week was pretty normal, that or my weeks are just kinda rolling together like a scroll. Anyways, this week we did what is known as Pendones. Its a really big picture of the Book of Mormon, and we are supposed to sell it free. Or go up and talk to people about how this book that's not the bible will change their life. It was fun yes, and a really good way to build confidence, but still, it was kinda awkward sometimes. But hey, we also found a guy that does tattoos and has several on his arms of different tribal things. They are pretty cool. WE have been doing alot of contacts again. I don't know why but I love contacts. And if I could chose a way to get rejected Iit would not be the way of the chileans. They just say "otro dia chicios" but that other day is never. So we continue. But hey when life hands you lemons, chuck them back and ask for candy. Love you all and hope your Life is fetching epic. 
Love E' Whetten, 
oh and read the Old testiment if you want to find weird stuff that happened

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Anthony - Feb. 4, 2016

Not-so -weekly report of a personal mover

This week was nuts, good yes but nuts. For some reason almost every day we had something that has helped others, but has made it hard for us to get the leccions that we wanted. For example yesterday we helped a familia peruana move, the thing was that it wasn't even in our sector, it is in the sector of the other two. The worst part is that they didn't even go. But that was the kind of thing that happened this week. Service, and just general moving and shaking. But like I said, a good week equal. We did pendones, which are big pictures that talk about different things, and that was really fun. People in the fedia are kinda hard to contact, they keep moving, get mad, but when we talk about the family, people seem to open up. People around here are either really bad with family or would do anything for their family (who wouldn't) so that was cool. This week for P-day we went to a very rich restaurant of Peru food. I felt so weird being there, but the food was good. The only problem is that one of the elders in our group found a worm in his food. Which kinda put a damper on things. But things happen. Other than that just like normal, dying in the hot sun. Hope you week is awesome. 
E' Whetten

Friday, January 29, 2016

Fotos from Chile

Fat angels 


the park of love

Anthony - January 27, 2016

Not-so-weekly report of a weeping angel wrangler

Please do not be sad if you don't understand, it happens to everyone. But this week was really good. We have several people listening to us. That the first step right. Right now we are trying to strengthen the ward more then anything, that means trying to find and reactivate menos actives, and do that with the help of the ward. Sounds easy, but this is not the case, the people here are what is known as Flojo, or in English, lazy. We do our best to animate and keep the ward going. In all truth, these wards are not like the states, without the missionarys they don't do much. But we do what we can. Other then that not much of crazy things happened this week. We had a really cool leccion with someone that we killed. I know that should be one of the saddest leccions and everything, but it was really cool to be super frank with him and to testify with power the truth that is that we have all the truth and that this is the only was to exaltation. The only, there is no other way. Salvation is personal, yes, it also can be done without the authority of god, but the highest amount of joy that we can have in this life and the life to come can only come through the ordinances completed in the temple and those can only be done in the house of the Lord, under his power. WE have the truth, and that is the truth. WE should never be afraid nor ashamed to call ourselves members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This is his Church. WE are his people. I love you all and I thank you for your prayers and support.
Love E' Whetten

Ps. today we ate at Wendy's, had cinibon cinnamon rolls and went found the park of love.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Anthony - January 21, 2016

Not-So-Weekly Reort of Mr Break-alot

Ok, so today, to put it simply, we hiked up a mountain. But it is what happened before we got to the mountain that is the interesting part. So we had the grand idea to go up this mountain with a whole watermelon. Nuff said, but before we could get to the first bus to take us to the subway, the bag we were carrying it in broke and the watermelon hit the ground and broke. We went back to house and stashed the broken watermelon. But looking back on that I am pretty sure we couldn't have carried it all the way there. So that was fun. Then when we were trying to find the other metro to take us there I dropped my newly received plastic water bottle, But just because somethings broken doesn't mean you can't use it right, so me being stubborn took it up to the top of the hill and back. Getting there was pretty nice, it sucked at some points but the end was beautiful. It was a huge waterfall and it was just amazing. Vale la pena, as you can say. Getting down was really the worst part. We ran pretty much the whole way down, and when we got to the end I was dead. But I'm alive and everything so its all good, just a bit sore tomorrow
Other then that the week has been pretty tranquilo. WE are following up on some people and they actually receive us. We have a investigator that is reading the Book of Mormon, which is always a good thing. Osvaldo is doing good. HE hasn't come to church lately, but that's partly our fault, But he is reading and has promised to pray. I don't have my planner with me But I know that it was a good week. Love you all and Hope your week is spectacular. 
Love E' Whetten

Fotos from Chile

Assassin whale

Empty mall (when do you get to see that?)

Broken waterbottle =(

the veiw from the first part of the hike

My precioso

Yes I purposely sent them together

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fotos from Chile

  Bowties are cool

 This was my life for a couple of weeks. 


My comp and me at the temple.

Anthony - Jan 13

Not-so-weekly report of the master contacter

Well this week was pretty good. We over did our Meta for Lecciones and that is always really cool. And I have begun to enjoy contacts, trying to really get into peoples houses, or trying to teach then right then and there. There are alot of people in our sector and quite a few that are willing to really listen to the Missionaries. Some crazy things happen yes, but that's the fun part. We found a guy that was really cool. We fijared a cita with him and went back the next day. HE let us in, and we were just about ready to sit down when his family came over. The extended family, which aperently do not like Missionarys. Anyways we left like good little Missionarys and set another cita. But it was the thing he said when we left that shocked me. He said that something inside wants to talk to us, I waited until we were out of site and Freaked, that is only something that you hear in mission stories, I couldn't  believe it was really happening. Yeah Contacts!
Today was chill,we went to the temple, then we went to a place called Parke Arauco which is like the rich side of richville. WE had fun looking at all the things that we couldn't buy and, then going and eating in an all you can eat buffet of really good food. It wasn't as cool as Los Isasiables, but hey it was fun. other then that, not much happened. I'm not dead and love you all. 
Hope you have a wonderful week and keep loving life. 
Love E' WHetten

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Anthony - Jan. 6, 2015

Not-so-weekly report of Too much Ice cream.

This week was good, calm and very Interesting. We are still doing a large amount of contacts. But we are finding people that want to know about the gospel. Its really cool and really fun to contact now, but we have some very interesting things that happen. One guy told us that he has many names, like David. Then I made the very valid point that we still know him as David. He didn't want to talk to us after that. We also had a pair of kids throw a plum at us, when it missed we felt like Samuel the Lamanite. The weirdest one was a man that kept repeating that it was going to be a good year. But other then those weird occasions we do have some really good conversations about the gospel. We have found several people that have never talked to missionaries before, I think that the edge of our sector wasn't contacted much. But hey now it is. Today we went to centro and looked around, it was great and all but we had the grand Idea to each eat 2 Mcflurry from McDonald and the ride home was horrible. A metro full of people, heat and a full stomach. Not the most pleasant. But it was good ice cream. We also went to Popeye's. It made me happy. Anyways I love you all and hope you the best. 
Love E' Whetten