Monday, September 30, 2013

Pictures from Argentina

Jesse E-mail September 30, 2013

this week was much better than last week! so many blessings happened its hard to tell them all! but the highlight of this week was definitely baptizing our investigator! and yes i had the opportunity to do the baptizing! just a few things about maria! she is a really happy and energetic lady and really wanted to know about the gospel from the start. she always wanted us to come around and just share more with her so we did! haha and she has 9 kids! which is average for Argentina which is crazy. oh and she is also 70 years old!! yeah she had her last kid when she was 58!!!! haha he is 12 right now and to me that is just unheard of but alot of things happen around here that I've never seen or heard of before! the baptism was really good we had it done as a zone so there were i think about 6 other kids that were being baptized. the whole experience was just great but one of the things that stuck in my mind was something that happened right before. when we are waiting in the chapel in our white clothes i had my name tag on but right before we did the baptizing i handed my nametag to my companion. and this is what i thought of it
that in the end it really doesn't matter who does the baptizing, all that matters is that i helped bring one of gods children home. not home yet but shes on that course! and that just made me so happy! the spirit was strong and everything was perfect for that split moment:) then yesterday she received the Holy Ghost and i was also asked to participate in that. and i know you've heard the quote that exact obedience brings miracles. and a couple days before the baptism my companion and i practiced this. and i think it paid off:) yesterday in church we were waiting for sacrament meeting to start and a young woman walked up to us and said this "i want to be baptized in this church" i just smiled! we now have a lesson with her today after P-day is over! 
other than that there's just alot of dead dogs and sketchy streets:P i am safe though so don't worry! i hope you are all happy and know that i pray for you! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! 
Love Elder Whetten!!

Diana Email - September 30, 2013

Well Hello friends and Family!!!!! 
 This week has been a really good one!! we had interviews with President Choi and Sister Choi and I know I have said I loved them before but i really really really love!!! i adore them!!! They are called of God and I am so grateful to be able to call myself one of there missionaries. So i think i told you last week that we were going to sing "I am a child of God" in Korean well we sang it last night for the Korean branch and it was such an amazing experience. it was a fireside and President and Sister Choi spoke and it was really cool because they spoke in Korean!!! they talked about families. we where able to use the head sets for a translator. but just saying my mission president is to ligit!!!!!!! Well i did get to go to the broad cast and it was amazing. It was a good reminder of the covenants we have made and what we need to do to remind us everyday how we should live.I love listening to President Monson!! Prayer is so important and i loved what he said and i cant wait to read his talk again. We also had exchanges this week and that mean i went to a different are and was able to get advice and counsel from my sister training leaders. it was fun!! so its been raining and dad you are right it does not rain in Arizona. it was fun to go tracking in the rain but it was really cold. 

So I was able to see Gods hand in my life this week. So from the minute i got off the plane in Seattle i knew i was going to need a pair of boots but i don't have a whole lot of money and i didn't want to ask my family to get me anything else because they have done so much for me so i told my self that if i really needed boots God would prepare a way for me to get them so i left it alone but on Saturday when we went tracking my shoes we soaked and i knew i was going to need to get some boots so i looked in my purse and i had 29 dollars enough to buy a cheap pair of boots. but i also knew it was going to be fast Sunday and as missionaries we don't have to pay tithing  but they do tell us to pay fast offerings and i knew that if i paid fast offings i wasn't going to have enough to get boots but i remembered the faith that my parents have that when we give to the Lord he will in turn give to us. so i paid it and the lady we live with sister cook was trying to find a store where i could go get some boots so she was asking around and the young women's pres. had a pair and she gave them to me. so just know that the Lord does take care of his missionaries. i love you all so much and miss you everyday!!!
love Sister whetten