Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pictures from Washington

Pictures from Argentina

a pday that we had a barbeque

this cat was getting too close..

 i told the sister missionaries that my birthday was on the 7th of may, they made me banana bread and cards:P 


Service Project

Jesse - Email - May 26, 201

this has been a very interesting week! it consisted of a lot of shots and trips to the hospital and my bike breaking to the point where i cant ride it for a while, and a lot of ward activities that made me exhausted.
thanks for the prayers because i was finally able to get the shots that i needed so that i dont get rabies:P every morning at 8 i would have to make a trip to the hospital and wait in line to be able to receive me daily shot, oh what fun.. i was supposed to get 10 shots but i stopped at day 5 because a nurse told me that if i didnt get bit in the facial area that i didnt need more than the first 3 shots. so i stopped in the middle at five shots and didnt go back. but she also said that rabies really isnt that bad of a thing in Argentina anymore because despite the amount of dogs that are here rabies is starting to be a very rare thing. so lets pray that i made the right decision:P
and multiple times in the week my bike decided to breakdown so i couldnt ride it anymore. the first time the chain broke in two and i had to take it to a member to get it fixed and just yesterday as i was riding peacefully down the road my handle bar decided to break off. it was already broken by a young man in the ward and was only hanging on by a tiny piece of metal. so now my bike is sitting inside of the church building waiting to get fixed by the same member. so for now we are on foot.
we had a ward party on saturday. the women stayed in the chapel and cooked something called locro, really delicios! similar to mexican menudo but better! and then the bishop, my companion, and i went to do a service project. all the other young men forgot to show up on time so we started it with us three. we had to dig a sewer line from the back of the house to the main sewer line that goes down the street. we didnt finish untill just an hour ago which is why im writing a little later than usual. a lot of mud and a lot of digging! we dug about a good 40 or 50 yards of wet dirt so it was very dirty and muddy. but a very great week! i love doing service for others. its one of the best parts of being the ward missionaries! 
by the sounds of everything all the crazy stuff has ended and the fun things of summer vacation have started! i hope everyone stays safe and that you all have fun going on vacation! i love you all so much!!
Elder Whetten:D

Diana - E-mail - May 26, 2014

Well my new are is great i am in the Meridian ward in the shoreline stake and i love it!!!!! My companion is sister Nelson she is the cute red head in all my mtc pictures!!! Crazy!! I am so happy to have her as my companion she is exactly who i needed at this time in my mission. I have learned a lot from her. she is great. Well my new area is a lot smaller from my last one but that is ok i really dont mind and i never see other missionaries and that is ok too. We are going to see amazing things here and i am so ready. it is so amazing how Heavenly Father hears our prayers. I needed someone who was going to be an example of how i needed to be and not push me and that is why sister nelson is my companion. My mission has not been everything i thought it would be but it has been exactly what i needed. I am not perfect and it is great to know that i dont have to be i just have to doing my best every day to be perfect. Well I love my mission and i am so happy to be here and serving the Lord i know that this church is true i know that the Book of Mormon is true and i know that families can be together forever. I love is out here it is the best. well have a great day and week talk to yall next week!! 
Love always sister Whetten