Friday, March 6, 2015

Anthony - March 4, 2015

Well, this week was good. Slow, long and boring, but good. Nothing big and exciting happened, at least not that I can remember. That the problem with having short-term shot-term memory loss. Or at least that is what I have, I can't remember. Anyways, Now for a remix of what happened last week and this week. Last wee we found this really cool guy, well more of he found us. His name is Marcos and we were walking down the road when this drunk guy approaches us and asks if we teach the  gospel. We say yes and he says he has some people for us to teach. we follow him and we walk and walk and walk some more. At one point I thought we were going to reach the end of the world. WE eventually get to his shack and take a seat. and by shack I mean the whole four walls and a roof. but nothing else. Its kinda sad. anyways we talk to him and he is super receptive and we keep passing by his house. He even went to church with us. He just super cool. WE also moved houses. WE have a room the size of our apartment for just my comp and me. We are also in our sector. so that super cool. we are living with some members, but we live behind the house in a little cottage thing. then for P-day this week we went paint-balling. It was awesome. I got shot and everything. It was awesome. Other then that the week was kinda boring. 

Love you all and hope for your success.  
Love E' Whetten

Jesse - March 2, 2015

this week has been both really great but then again its been interesting having to teach another missionary the area. its a little difficult to do divisions when someone doesn't know the area but it part of the learning process. elder brush and i have gotten a little more used to teaching together and its made our lessons a lot better! its fun to have to adjust to how other people teach and better the way you teach personally. i have learned a lot just by being a little more observative. its amazing how much we are able to learn when we humble ourselves and just listen to the advice that our leaders give us. i definitely have grown a testimony of how our mission president is inspired of the lord to put us with our companions. its like he knows what hes doing:P  This Sunday was the strongest i have ever felt the spirit in a testimony meeting!!! all of the youth that are helping us in the missionary work went up and gave there testimonies and also! we have two investigators that went up and bore their testimonies of the truth of the church. but i think what helped more than anything is that i had a really strong desire to really listen to the testimonies that were being given and they strengthened me so much. i guess i should start listening more, its something i can better. my companion and i are getting along really well, he was a marine before the mission so i started doing some workouts again... ive gotten so weak. but just like spiritually, there is always room to progress.
Love Elder Whetten