Monday, November 4, 2013

Argentina Pics

 my only hate in this life...
i had my companion kill it:D

Jesse E-mail = Nov.4, 2013

right now i am very tired:P
we played soccer pretty much all day and now i just want sleep:P
but other than that i am doing great!!!
this week flew by! there wasn’t a whole lot of success but i was happy:) the family that we are teaching have a date for the 17th and the boy of theirs maxi! wants to be baptized on the 10th! so if thats how it works out it will be a great birthday present:)!!! Yeah, but his parents have a date for the 17th of this month too so we will see if he gets baptized on the 10th or 17th with his family. but this week seemed to be really chill, nothing out of the ordinary happened:/
(Do you have any trouble with dogs?)

haha no not really they only chase after bikes for some reason! 
and in my area we dont have bikes we either walk or take the bus.
and if they are gutsy enough to come barking at us then we kick them and they leave us alone. there just dogs

(Do you live in the city or the country?)
It’s not in either haha its more of the suburbs kinda.
there is a part of our area that is just cement houses and shacks  and the other part has a little bit more money and the houses and streets are a little cleaner there but every square foot is used here there is no space between houses. and the only way to go is up!
It’s what about 3 oclock there?  its weird to think that life over there is still just going on with out us missionaries. elder davis and i talk about home quite alot because he went to EAC for a year and we know some of the same people. so thats cool.

Diana - Email - Nov. 4, 2013

Sister Whetten – Email – November 4, 2013
So this week has been a really good one lots of amazing things are happening in Seattle!!!  I want to start from the end of the week and go back so today we had Choir practice and it was really good and fun I love seeing sister and president choi every week! So yesterday Sunday November 3, 2013 was like the best day ever!!!! I turned 20!! CRAZY!!!!! but the sun was shining it was a beautiful day yesterday the sunset looked like the savior could come right at that moment.So Washington does daylight savings and so on my birthday i got to sleep in an extra hour it was really nice!!! A family in the ward gave me a gift to unrap it was some very warm fuzzy socks they know i am an Arizona girl and i am always cold lol we had dinner with the popes and we had some really good meat loaf and rolls. and sister pope made me a cake and she put candles on it and everything it almost felt like home but everyone who was singing happy birthday sounded good so not quite like home close enough though. Last night we had an awesome lesson with a lady we asked her to read the Book of Mormon and SHE DID!!!! It was so amazing!! Heavenly Father grants us blessings everyday. Saturday was pretty fun too. Well all of you know how things just happen to me and they usually are embarrassing well just imagine this...... Its a very windy day leaves flying around like crazy and a Sister missionary is trying to get out of a car with out her skirt flying up and in the middle of this missionary vs wind and skirt the car door decides so join in and eats her skirt. yeah if you were wondering the sister missionary was me and we where out side a persons house and my skirt got stuck in the car door and the wind was not helping at all. and my poor companion was trying to help the best she could pushing the car door puling on my skirt it was a mess and i was dying laughing at all of this going on I am sure anyone watching this was rolling on the floor laughing. it was quite a show.  
Thats all i can remember at this time. It was a really good week!!! So this week I was missing home a lot and i was missing Jesse who is thousands of miles away and i was just having a hard time and then i started thinking about Anthony and how i wont see him for 3 years and that seems like a long time anyway to make a long story short i was missing my brothers and i was reading in Alma 17 and this is were Alma sees the sons of moshia at the end of there 14 years mission and then in verse 13 it talks about how the brothers separated to all of the different lands and it said that they trusted in the Lord that they would see each other after there harvest. Harvest meaning mission and i could feel the spirit just telling me that i would see my brothers again I just need to stay focused on my harvest (aka) mission, and after our harvest we will see each other again. Jesse is far away but he is a servant of the Lord and he will be protected, but if something does happen which i pray everyday nothing will happen we are an eternal family, i will see my family again!!! and then after it talks about the brothers separating it goes into the story of Ammon and he cuts off the arms and the lamanites are astonished because he cant be killed it talks about how the lord promised King Moshia that his sons would be safe. His enemy's couldnt kill him so I think the Lord made that promise with my mom and dad so everything will be fine!!!
Well everyone another week has gone by I am one year older wow and I am a servant of the Lord what an awesome thought!!! I love being a missionary!! but i am not going to lie it is hard and sometimes i want to go home but the Lord needs me out here and Jesse emailed me once and said "this wasnt meant to be easy and it wont be! because it wasnt easy for the savior.. and we, simple people cant expect it to be easy because it was never easy for him." I want to testify that i know that a mission is one of the hardest things i have ever done in my life, but i know my Savior Jesus Christ knows exactly how i feel and how hard this is and so he lifts me and makes me stronger. because i know this i have to share it with other i must tell the world (Seattle) That the Savior lives that we can be forgiven that families can be together forever. I am the Lords missionary and i am not out here for my parents i am not out here for my ward I am not even out here for myself I am out here for the Lord to prove to him that i can over come all things and to find the lost sheep. I love you all and i want you to know Jesus Christ lives that God is the Father of our spirits and they know you and care for you deeply. nothing can keep us form there love and that is an amazing thought there is nothing we can do, no where we can go that their love cant find us!!! keep up  the amazing missionary work!!!
Sister Whetten