Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fotos from Chile

  Bowties are cool

 This was my life for a couple of weeks. 


My comp and me at the temple.

Anthony - Jan 13

Not-so-weekly report of the master contacter

Well this week was pretty good. We over did our Meta for Lecciones and that is always really cool. And I have begun to enjoy contacts, trying to really get into peoples houses, or trying to teach then right then and there. There are alot of people in our sector and quite a few that are willing to really listen to the Missionaries. Some crazy things happen yes, but that's the fun part. We found a guy that was really cool. We fijared a cita with him and went back the next day. HE let us in, and we were just about ready to sit down when his family came over. The extended family, which aperently do not like Missionarys. Anyways we left like good little Missionarys and set another cita. But it was the thing he said when we left that shocked me. He said that something inside wants to talk to us, I waited until we were out of site and Freaked, that is only something that you hear in mission stories, I couldn't  believe it was really happening. Yeah Contacts!
Today was chill,we went to the temple, then we went to a place called Parke Arauco which is like the rich side of richville. WE had fun looking at all the things that we couldn't buy and, then going and eating in an all you can eat buffet of really good food. It wasn't as cool as Los Isasiables, but hey it was fun. other then that, not much happened. I'm not dead and love you all. 
Hope you have a wonderful week and keep loving life. 
Love E' WHetten