Monday, April 14, 2014

Jesse E-mail - April 14

its sad to hear about great grandma Carter, but more than anything im glad she was able to read me letter. thank you mom for doing tht for me! im sure going to miss my grumpy mean ol grandmother:) but i know that when she goes, there will be tears on both sides of the veil. tears of sadness here and tears of happiness there:) she will be in my prayers. 
this week was very good! we were able to get alot done and we were blessed to find 5 new investigators! that was our miracle for the week! and theres even a family who is evangelico(not sure what that is in english) and they invited is back into there home tomorrow! we are also working with a less active family right now and we had a family home evening this last Thursday about unity in the home,and doing things together. it went very good! then we started with another less active family and they love the missionaries in there home. our main goal is to the investigators, but we also want to activate the less actives right now and get some more members in the chapel on sunday. we have around 30-35 in attendance right now so its kinda low but we are working with the members to get everything done.   
i had no idea that this weekend was easter! i knew there was going to be a holiday here but they are almost always different than those from the U.S. it gives us some really good opportunities to teach about the saviors life! there is alot that even i dont know that happened in his lifetime. but i dont have much time to study things too deeply at this time. we have been invited to just study the basics and know those very well because we wont be teaching deep doctrine to investigators. but today we had another zone activity and i hurt my hand playing soccer:P i was playing goalie and landed on my hand wrong. its swollen but i think it will be okay, the most the doctor here would do is wrap it up but im alright:P i just cant do handstands for a while:D ohh and i burned a pair of pants this week with the iron! haha melted straight through the fabric. so im down to two pairs. i have to sew another pair together because they got torn up in the washing machine. nothing else too interesting happened this week but it was great! i cant wait to hear back from you next week! i love you all!!
Elder Whetten

Diana E-mail - April 14

 Hello Everyone, 
sorry last week was really short just was really crazy but i am here in Samoa for another transfer which is great i love these people and i am not ready to say good bye just yet. This past week was great we have been enjoying the sun it has been great i have been getting a little tan it is amazing. we have a elder here from Canada and he was dying because it got up to 73 degrees and i said it was a beautiful winter day in Arizona he said that i live in heck lol but i love it and glad i can all it home. my companion and i have been walking around a lot and it has been great our favorite thing to do is ride the bus we are in a car and the car gets old really fast so we like to walk. for exercise we have been walking to the ocean and it is amazing i love it. one day when we went for a walk we started talking to this really old Indian guy he could not speak English very well but we tried to share the gospel with him but i guess all he was looking for was a "partner" he was lonely and needed a women in his life and i told him i was 20 and that i was still a child and he turned bright red and said he had to go. it was great i love old men especially old creepy ones they are the best. but anyway being a missionary is the best i have so many stories not all good ones but some pretty amazing ones I love sharing what i know with people the world needs what i have and i would die for what i know and that is ALL of us are children of God. The Book of Mormon is The word of God and anyone who reads it with an open heart will see what i see. Joseph Smith was and is a Prophet of God and he did so much for a fallen and ruin world. Jesus Is the Christ and the savior of the world and because of him i will be with my family forever. I love all pf you so much. Please Give Grandam Carter a hug and a kiss for me and tell her i will see her again. Again I love you all
Sister Whetten