Friday, June 12, 2015

Anthony - June 10, 2015

Email Chat with Mom

How's your new area?

small, but good. Now I can get to know everyone in the sector. WE have a few drunks as friend. Oh yeah, Also I saw a crash yesterdy. It was cool. Nobody got hurt but the car got totaled. Like I sayed pretty awesome. 

How's your companion?  Does he speak any English?

no but he wants to learn so I am helping him. He is super cool. WE get along really well. 

Anthony - June 10, 2015

Not-so-weekly report of a tall man in a short world

This week has been really great, the numbers are a little low but we are doing our best. WE are working with this family that is so close to getting baptized, we just felt a couple of leccions. The problem is its hard to find an Hermano to go with us to get into their house. But somehow we always manage. This sector is super small but I still get lost, but luckily when we don't know where we are the contacts are usually golden. E' torres and I get along great, and we work like crazy. Something that does suck though is that I am alot taller then alot of people in this place. Today I was walking down the stairs and what do you know I go and smack my head on the ceiling. I wasn't doing anything weird this time, I swear. Just walking down the stairs when bam, head meets ceiling. In other news, I had a cold almost all week and was sneezing my brains out like crazy. It sucked. But other then that my week was good. Love you all. 
Love E' Whetten

Jesse - June 8, 2015

Simple Things

so i came to the conclusion this week that the closer that one gets to finishing a mission the mind tends to play tricks. the things that were always really easy to do become a little harder. its like its a test of enduring to the end ha it made me think of alma chapter 37 where it talks of the small and simple things that cause great things to happen. so this week that thought and scripture have helped me many times when i felt like letting one thing go by. we were blessed with many lessons this week both with members and with investigators. as for the investigators we do have some baptismal dates, but whether i get to see their baptisms or not its been amazing being able to be an instrument in the lords hands. i believe that is my goal for the next little while, to always be worthy to do what the lords wants to do with me, just like an instrument. i dont have much more to say than this so i hope its good enough til next week:) i pray for all of you, be safe and ill see you soon!!
Elder Whetten

Anthony - June 3, 2015

= )

This week was great. AS you know we had cambios. That is always hard, but I finished off strong and left the sector in a good place. In this new sector we are working like crazy. We even found some new families to visit, and it has only been the second day. We found this Joven whose father had listened to the Missioneros before, do we went in and taught him, he seems really interested and we were able to teach the whole first leccion. It was really cool. E' Torre is a really food worker and we get along really well. I ran out of time, but I tell you all about it next week. 
Love E' Whetten

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Jesse - June 1, 2015

 so  i didnt really get the chance to write last week so i guess i better let yall know that im still alive. its been a good week, a little long but we got through it. it had both its ups and downs. the baptismal date that we had for the 6th has been moved back a few weeks but we are still hopeful!! they are still progressing and even said that they are really excited to get the chance to get baptized but theres only one problem, she isnt married... yeah its actually  a pretty normal problem and i dont think its just here in argentina. but one of the cool things is that the ward is about to have a baptism here in a few weeks and its a little boy that started coming back to  church with his parents. and  ijust found out that he wants me to  baptize him. not really sure if i will be able to do it just because it would be better if his father did both of his sons  baptisms. i will let you all know what happens  on that one.  my companion and i continue to work  and somedays its great ad some days its not so great, but we tend to look at the better side of things and today was also his birthday so i told him "son now that your twenty  i think its okay that i leave you on your own" and all he tells me is that there is a plane with my  name on it ready to go to the states. i guess its true because everyone has a good time telling me the same thing jaja but hey ive still got time. finishing the mission is not as bad as i thought it was going to be, yeah its the end to a pretty  cool journey but i feel like ive done a great job. ill see yall soon enough!!
ELder Whetten