Thursday, January 1, 2015

Anthony - Jan. 1, 2015

Not-So-Weekly report of a new year missionary

Well, we got a second p-day so i guess that I will be explaining what happened this week. Well, one of the other elders in my house got the game Trouble and so we have been playing it a lot. and well that game ruins friendships. I won 4 times in  a row and everyone got mad at me. Everyone hates the game but we just keep playing. Its worse then Monopoly and a lot shorter. Ok so what else. Well, we killed someone this week. (A missionary term for dropping them, not teaching them anymore)  He was super cool, he had a ton of questions, just an awesome guy. He just wouldn't read the Book of Mormon, and so we killed him. he died well. There was no pleading or blubbering, he just said please. (Sorry I had to). Anyways I cried. I cried like a baby. I think that is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, you don't know heart ache until you go through that. Anyways that pretty much my week. A mixture of anger sadness and loud banging. But you know what, I love every minute of it. Maybe not every minute while i'm in it but yeah I love it. It a new year, a new start and another adventure waiting just around the river bend. But yeah love you all and hope your week is fantastic. Love you,
Love E' Whetten

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Anthony- December 31, 2014

My computer is an idiot

Next week I will for sure fill you in on everything but right now I can't. Love you all and have a happy new year. 
Love E' Whetten

Jesse - December 29, 2014

hello momma!! 
so yesterday i wasn't able to write you because we ended up doing a service project for the new bishop that lasted the entire day.. it was a good service but we didn't get any time to do anything we needed or wanted to do. that's all right though, service is a good thing and we even got sunburned because of it!  i am a little darker now and look a little more like a Latino and not a dark white boy. this week was great though especially being ably to talk to the family and Anthony! seriously it is going to be so fun talking to each other in Spanish in front of everyone, i cant wait. it looks like everyone is doing great! and Grace looks adorable! jaja i cant wait to see her in person and not through skype!! but to experience grace! the members here have treated us really good and have really fed us a lot! some even went and bought us some Christmas presents! we are still searching for someone new to teach, that's the only thing that has been a little rough. of course we are still teaching the recent converts but we want to find new people too. we are happy though and probably have a little too much fun at times but we work hard together! elder Holmes is legit and we get along really well. and the tip for this week would have to be don't wrestle 250 pound missionaries for Christmas:D 
love Elder Whetten!!

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