Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Anthony - January 21, 2015

This week was better then last week. We have found some more people to teach and they are Golden. One said that we were sent to her in her time of need. Her name is Tatiana and well she has a friend who is catholic and wanted her to go to church. She also wanted her to burn candles and stuff like that, but she said that it was her decision to do what she wanted. She went to church but felt it was wrong to adore idles. When we heard that we were like cha-ching. The cool thing was that we found her while fasting, we were both pretty tied and decided to contact one more street, and she was the first house we contacted. We have only had one lección with her so hopefully everything works out. The other one we found while she was watering her plants. She has a son that just got back from, or is in America, I still can't figure out which one. Anyways we went by her house alot but could never catch her at home. Finally we passed by at the right moment and got in. It is pretty awesome.
 I have found that on my mission I am able to do things that I was not able to do before, like speak spanish, or play sports, complete a Rubik cube, things like that. Hopefully it stays with me for all my life. But yeah thats my week. Love you all and hope you have an awesome week.
Love, E' Whetten

Jesse - January 19, 2015

another week down! there was literally not a moment that we weren't working this week. not that i didn't work the other weeks though, I'm just really determined that this brazilian is going to end his mission in a good way and not like some others who tend to die towards the end. we managed to get in 22 lessons with less actives and investigators which is actually really good!! especially because we are in a branch and not a ward. i got here right when they changed the bishopric again so we are kinda in that growing and learning process of the branch. the blessings this week were really obvious though, literally almost every house we touched there was someone on the other side waiting for us. and a lot of the times they were with friends who were willing to sit through a lesson with us. and when elder venancio told me that the attendance is usually about 50 or 55 we had set a goal to get it up to 75 by the time the transfer ends. well turns out that all but 2 people that we had visited in the week showed up yesterday and the attendance ended up being 82. so like i said it was really easy to see the blessings. we are working really good together, we get along and teach great off one one another. everyday we wake up to a message from another elder who leaves in February, so thanks to those messages we know very well that my comp has 34 days left in his for zz-day we made some tacos to celebrate me being a white mexican. they turned out really good!! and i don't know if i told you mom, but i like bell-peppers now. we even had a competition to see who could eat the most uncooked mmm good stuff!! I'm excited to what this week will bring, the challenges, blessings, lessons, laughs, and spirit. les quiero mucho!!! no se que mas decir...por eso estoy escribiendo en castallano:P aaahhh si! tambien esta lloviendo y vamos a jugar a la pelota en la lluvia!!!! chau!!!!!
Elder Whetten!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Argentina Fotos

this be my brasil companion!!
aguante Neymar!!! and i even have a jersey from brasil!! 

my old zone 

 a really cool sunset

  a hand in the sky...whos is it?

 pictures with my dawg E´holmes