Sunday, July 24, 2016

Anthony - July 20, 2016

Not-So-Weekly Report of the Walking dead

So this is it. The second to last. But I'm not getting trunky or anything. (hehehehehe) But anyways this week was really good. We found a guy that wants to get baptized. He is gong trough a really hard time but we are helping him through it. He said that he had a dream that he needed to get baptized. I'm cool with that. We are also teaching 2 families and its just super cool to see the changes in them as they grow in their knowledge of the truth. Another cool thing that happened is that we had a Capilla Abierta. My comp and I were stationed in the Batizmal area. We were supposed to teach about what we believe about baptizm. All good and fine when 2 Hitianas showed up, and these didn't speak english or spanish. SO what did we do, an Hermana and I we taught them. Me in French and her in Creole. It was pretty sick, I was scared out of my mind as you can Imagine. But it was cool to see that even though I couldn't  speak that well and I only used words from on scripture I could do it. The Hermana was amazing and it sounded fluent. So it was super cool. SO that was my Miracle for this week. Love you all and hope for the best. 

Love, E' Whetten

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