Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Diana E-mail August 27, 2013

well this week has been great sorry i didnt email yesterday we went to the temple today so they made it our p-day sounds like everyone is doing great! and i am so glad you got my pictures i was so worried about it i am glad you liked them!!
The temple was so amazing I needed to go so bad, the only thing was that it made me miss my temple. the Seattle temple is amazing and its so pretty. i think there is about 4 floors maybe a little more (its a really big temple) and the Moroni is huge!!!
  Well nothing really too exciting went down this week. we are working really hard to get investigators and people to teach  but everyone here is pretty well off. they all work for Microsoft and are really smart so they are rollin' in the dough and dont think they need religion in there lives. but they are all super nice about it. the houses are so beautiful and big!! 
 we do have this lady who we are just in love with her name is Allison and she knows that God loves her but she is just not interested in organized religion but she likes having us over and she feed us dinner not this passed Sunday but the last one I hope someday she will be ready to be baptized.   
 well i love you all and i hope you are all happy and doing great. know that i know this church is true I know that my Heavenly Father knows me and loves me deeply. the book of Mormon is true, we ran in to this man who told us to read the bible and pray to find truth instead of listening to what people tell me. well i have read the Book of Mormon and it is truly the words of God. I have made a promise to God that I will defend this gospel and i am everyday we meet people who think we are the "church of the devil" but i know that there is only two churches the Church of the Lamb of God and the church of the devil and through the power of the Holy Ghost i have come to know for myself this is the church of God again i love you all and i love your letters keep on keepin on!!
love sister whetter

Jesse made it to Argentina

Momma! im so sorry i wasnt able to talk to you again yesterday!  The plane ride was really long i tried to sleep on it but there were movies on and the lights were terrible. but the good side of things was that i had a window seat right behind the wing and i got some amazing pictures of the sunrise in argentina, and the weather is cool so that felt amazing stepping off the plane into 35 degrees! when we got on a double decker bus at the airport we had to drop off the other missionaries at another airport. so we got a full tourist vision of buenos aires so that was lucky! i have so many pictures i have to show you next Monday! and the people here are so much more different than 5 ft nothing juanitos running around everywhere! they look like normal americans but just talk spanish :) just thought i would let you know that im doing great and that the area is amazing and really beautiful! I Love you all and cant wait to tell you about my first week on Monday! because mondays are my P-days! bye ill keep you in my prayers!
Elder Whetten