Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Fotos from Chile

My comp eating a Mango

TRAMITES (legal paper)

Anthony - November 18, 2015

Not-So-Weekly Report of an Oak in a Lemon Tree

It was a good week, we have been working like crazy. we also moved houses, which was crazy in and of itself. I still can't believe that we all fit in the apartment. There are 6 of us and 2 of my companions don't have a bed. We are squished but all alive. I have learned how to be very squishy in the past 2 houses. And I have found some trick to living with others in such small spaces. Thanks mission. Other then that the week is pretty normal, as normal as it can get on the mission. The problem is that I left my planner in the house and I don't have a very good memory. There was a Baptism though. Not one of mine, but someone I taught before, so It was super cool to got to. But yeah, that was my week. At least I think. Love you all and hope you have the best week in the world. 
Love, E' Whetten