Monday, July 21, 2014

Diana - Email - July 21

Talofa Family!!!
Well things have been great Sister Prows and I have been working really hard to get to know everyone in the ward and it is great!! we are truly finding great success in working with the members. We have been sharing with them Mormon messages and it is great there are a lot of really good ones.
I have been losing weight i mean not a ton but hey its a working progress!! The sun has been shining and it has felt so good but its not a dry heat, its humid here and i don't like that part but hey sun is sun so i wont complain too much. sad part is that i am still really white i am pretty sure that it doesn't matter how long you are out in the sun you will always be white if you stay here in Washington. 
I am so glad things are going great for all of you i love you and pray for you all the time! i miss you so much and i am so excited to see you next year lol I love being a missionary and there is nothing else in the world that can compare. 
so the other day i was reading in 3 nephi and it was the part where they everything is destroyed and I had a question come to me ' Why did the nephites have all the destruction when the Jews were the ones who killed Christ?"  and so i pondered that question and if you think about it the nephities had so much knowledge given to then they knew about the people in Jerusalem they knew and rejoiced of the birth of the Christ child. they had so many things given to them and they did not live up to the expectations that the Lord had set for them so remember the more you gain the harder your fall if you ever turn away from the Lord. I have seen it so much on my mission i meet people who served  great missions saw amazing things and now they are not living a very good life they think they are happy but so did the Nephties so the great and dreadful day is coming Great for those who are righteous and dreadful for those who procrastinate the day of there repentance! 
any way just wanted to share that with you i hope you all know that i love you and miss you see you in 6 months!!!
love, sister Whetten   

Jesse E-mail - July 21

this week has been another neat one! we are currently preparing for a baptism that we have this Saturday! ohh and this same investigator even went to the temple with us on Saturday! and probably the coolest thing happened there. we had three investigators with us on this trip and we took two of them inside of the temple to the waiting room and we just sat there in silence and felt the spirit very strongly. his name is Silvio and while he was in the temple he began to pray. and at one point he started to cry and i couldn't have been happier. its been a while since I've seen a baptism from my service but i am certain that he is going to be a great leader in the church. . who knows maybe he will even serve a mission like maxi!and on the way home from the temple we got home a little later than we planned because the double Decker bus we had rented got a flat tire!! so we got to know the ward a lot better than we had! and of course it happened s we were on a bridge so there was some heavy traffic we spent about an hour and a half waiting for the bus driver to change it but it was a great trip i have some great photos of the temple trip that i need to send too so i will do that later! other than that we are doing great here in Argentina. working hard and enjoying every minute i have here. the members are getting into the mission work a little more now and it makes things alot easier for us. one of the members that we helped reactivate now wants to go out and teach with us so he can prepare to go on the mission! things are looking great, this is the last week before we have changes so we will see what happens. not much else has happened but I'm happy and doing great, ohh and next week i will send pictures of the shirts we will be burning together because me and my companion completed a year together and we even go home on the same day haha i love you all and hope to hear from you soon!!
Elder Whetten

Pictures from Argentina - July 21

 i love this car. v-8 engine,dodge

 cumpli un año y ntercambios

 our investigator silvio and my companion

templo!! lo mejor que hay!

el templo y otro foto de silvio! el es un capo!

otros investigadores! me quede sin palabras.

 que facha! jaja

 the fire ecscape thing from the bus!

 another jersey and another beautiful view of argentina!

we went to a museo!!

 the evolution of man and a lot of really cool things from the museo

theres a kangaroo in the glass


 ni idea que es pero es muy copado!

 the cave man scares me a little. 

 i found her..

 i could almost touch it! it was fake so its okay...