Monday, November 18, 2013

Jesse E-mail - November 18, 2013

this week was so rewarding! it was all such a blurr! it was mine and elder Paredes's last week teaching together as companions. we stayed up a little later than we should have because my comp procrastinated packing till last night and we went to bed around 2 or 3 yeah terrible but he had to go! he was beginning to slack off and not want to work anymore because he knew he was leaving the area. but now i have  a new companion and his name is elder montaño. He is from Ecuador.  i have a feeling this next transfer we will accomplish a ton! yesterday Elder paredes and i had the oportunity to baptize the parents of maxii! they had an up and down week and almost didnt get baptized! but Friday night we invited them to put everything aside and just pray together about what they should do and they got there answer:) they called us around 10 that night and said they were getting baptized! the joy we had that night was great but when we baptized them it was even greater!! Sunday flew by so fast especially knowing that it was my last day with E Paredes, and the baptism! i also got the oportunity to stand in the circle and give maxii the gift of the holy Ghost! we then went around after church and visited with all the members and let Elder Paredes talk to everyone one more time before he left. its hard to believe that i have been out here for 4 months already! the time flys by too fast! im already 1/6th of the way through my mission! i said goodbye to my mission Dad as we call it because he was my first companion, and now i move onto the next chapter in the mission with elder Montaño! which means we will be spending christmas together along with elder Davis too who is from arizona and we are not sure yet who his companion will be yet:P other than all that crazy stuff nothing too exciting has happened! i found a dog who likes to chase rocks when i throw them so everytime i pass by this house this yard recieves one more rock in it because despite all the dogs in the streets i still love them! i wish i could have a dog on the mission:P

Diana E-mail November 18, 2013

Hello Everyone!!!
 I have been out on my mission for 4 months yesterday! How crazy. I still feel like i just got off the plane. but i have heard that this feeling never goes away even when you are about to go home.
Last week was a good one, we weren't able to teach a whole lot but that's ok. A family that we are working with the Chin family they are so amazing!!! They are dry Mormons they live a Mormon life they just are to stubborn to be baptized so I don't know if i said this already but the temple is in our area and so we want to take them to the waiting area of the temple and teach them about the temple we are so excited.
this has nothing to do with missionary work but i am so white i know my family has made fun of me for being a very white Hispanic but i am just pasty now i havent really seen the sun for a while but man it is just sad. I bought a red rain coat last week and i havent been cold it is so nice i love it so much i will take a picture i do however  feel like a marshmallow its really funny.  

Well i love you all and I hope you are having a wonderful thanks giving season know that i think of you often and miss you more than words can say. keep up the awesome member missionary work!!
Love Sister Whetten