Monday, July 14, 2014

Diana July 14

Well this week was pretty great!! Sister Prows and I have been working really hard. We have decided to work with the members and visit them, and it has been great getting to know the ward better. We have this guy that we found he is so great we are so excited to work with him and help him reach the steps of baptism.

Sister Prows is my companion and she is the best I love her so much. We are really hard workers and at the same time we know how to have fun with the spirit. I feel like I can tell her anything and she wouldnt judge or point fingers. she is from Utah but i can over look that. lol jk jk

The sun has been out and it has gotten up to the 90's and i know for all yall thats not that bad but its humid and no one has air conditioning so it gets really gross, but it so totally worth it the summer is beautiful and it cools off at night so really I have nothing to complain about.

oh man a year has gone by how crazy!! and now Anthony is Leaving for his mission that is so crazy!!! man time just needs to slow down just a little bit.

Well everyone I love you so much and i want to let you know that i love this gospel so much and i love these people so much truly nothing can compare to serving the Lord and I am so proud of all of you who are chosing to do so. keep moving forward and remember God is watching!!

Love sister Whetten

Pictures from Argentina

Jesse July 14

this last week was great for several reasons. the work went really good and we even found some new people to teach. and the other is that argentina made it to the finals for the world cup! something that hasnt happened for 24 years, and yeah i was here in argentina!! this week we taught more of the less actives in the ward and we had a lot of fun doing it. we got references from them which is something even active members dont do much of here. and we had some experiences that we wont even forget haha it rained on us a lot and we were really cold but a little warmer because of the work we were doing. we have quite a bit of baptsmal dates and thats not normal but the work here is doing great! we had a few investigators in church yesterday and that always makes us feel great, espeially when the members help and be friends to them. also i am now teaching English to the argentines here, and surprisingly i really like it! we have classes every saturday and i always look forward to it! also im doing great its still a little cold but they say that things start to warm up here in late august so i dont have to wait much longer before i cant stand the heat and humidity:P but oh man the world cup couldnt have been better! the semifinals were the best! we were allowed to actually be out in the streets when it was going on and we watched it with a less active family who are begining to be more active then the members haha but it was great watching argentina beat the netherlands! you coud here everyone in the streets throwing off fireworks and screaming! and when we went out into the streets a drunk guy ran up to me yelling argentina!!! then tried to pick me up and couldnt:P but i never loved another drunk man like him haha everyone was in the streets and celebrating! Hanging out of the car windows and everyone had argentine flags and jerseys! i wish the U.S was like this for a sport!!! american football has NOTHING on Futbol!!!! it was a bummer yesterday too because we couldn't even be in the streets after 4 in the afternoon since it would be a little more dangerous with the people. so luckily we had a radio and we listened to it in spanish, i understood it all and it was a killer when alemania(geramny) scored in minute 113.. but im never listening to another soccer game on the radio! its way too stressfull!! but other than that im doing great, we are still working hard and i guess i have a year out on the mission this week:P but i love everyone and hopefully argentina wins the world cup next time:P Elder whetten