Monday, March 10, 2014

Jesse E-mail - March 9, 2014

this week has been full of surprises! my companion ended us having some stone in his stomach that he had to get surgery for. it wasn't a hardcore cut your stomach open from the outside kinda thing though. they took a shortcut using his throat. everything went great with the surgery but something is wrong with his blood now. when they cut his open on the inside and finished he wouldn't stop bleeding, turns out the "medicine" they gave him has been thinning his blood and he would stop bleeding on the inside so they put  him in intensive care and i couldn't stay with him in that room so i got a get out of jail free card and got to hangout with the assistants for two days in there really nice apartment with air conditioning, two bedroom two bathroom argentine pent house:P i finally got to go to church with them too which was nice because I've been inactive for about three weeks now and I'm pretty sure that's frowned upon on the mission. but today was great and i finally got to eat some real food which consisted of frosted flakes for breakfast, churipan for dinner, and geeso for lunch which is a really good argentine food!! ohh yeah and when i got to visit my companion in the intensive care place i got kicked out because there was a guy that was in between two curtains who was struggling to stay alive and they had to pull out those electric shock things. but i would have to say that the best part was that i got to go and do missionary work with the assistants i mean yeah it was with their investigators but it felt great to talk about the gospel and sit down to teach a lesson. especially to see that spark that we brought to other people as they listened to us. yes its a good thing that my companion is recovering but i cant wait to return to our area and get back to work. i have more time spent inside of the hospital then i have in my new area so that has been a little weird. its been a rough couple of weeks but he wont be sick forever. i know you are probably not going to be expecting this letter because its Sunday but i got some special missioner from president to emial right now in his house just in case i don't get the chance to do it tomorrow. i do have a couple  questions though! how are Anthony's papers doing?? im really excited about that. and also how is aunt Tiffy? well that's about it for this week, i really hope i get the chance to talk and reply to you tomorrow but if not i love you all and i don't know if we have this but yesterday was international woman day here in south america!! so happy late woman day to all the women reading this:P 
Love elder whetten!

Diana E-mail - March 10, 2014

Well hello everyone!!!
 this week has been pretty amazing we had our baptism this week Junior had made the first step to going back to our heavenly father it was great to finally see what its like to help some one come closer to God. other than that not a whole lot has happened this week just a lot of missionary work which is great!!!  i am so glad to be a missionary and i am so happy to be serving with my best friend Jesse and soon be serving with my other best friend Anthony watch out world the whettens are coming to save you!! anyway the Lord works in many ways and i am so glad i am able to be apart of this great work!! hope yall are having a great week and the Lord loves you!!
Sister Whetten