Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pictures from Argentina

E-mail from Jesse - April 7, 2014

another great week has gone by in argentina! the work is going great, we have some members that really enjoy working with us and that helps a lot! we have a couple investigators now that seem really great, we will see what time will tell. but the work has just been great. besides walking everywhere for extended periods of time i feel great. this last saturday we did get some new bikes though so that should help a lot. my companion is just getting to his year mark this week so we will be playing with fire and burning a shirt of his. dont ask why we do it because they all say the same thing...tradition!! that and its fun:P one of the new investigators we found this week was a 14 year old boy named cristian. he was alone outside waiting for his mom to get home when we taught him. we taught him about the restoration and he seemed very interested. but the next time we see him we want to get a hold of his mother so that we can teach them both. we will see what happens. Monday night elder colivoro and i were in charge of the family home evening lesson that we have every other week for less actives and new investigators. we spoke about the importance of general conference and how its literally gods way of talking to us through his servants. and how we can receive personally revelation through their words. and then afterwards i was in charge of the game. there were about 18 people there and all somewhat young and even some children. so i had everyone tie balloons to both of there feet and run around trying to pop everyone elses:P it was really great to see everyone having a good time and participating. the blessings of this church are true and i notice this more and more with every moment. there is no doubt that we have in our possessions gods mighty work, and not only is it a missionaries job to share the gospel but everybodies . so i hope we all take the advice of richard g.scott, and share the gospel with someone:)
i love you all, i hope everything continues to stay well.
Love Elder Whetten