Sunday, March 20, 2016

Anthony - March 16, 2016

Not-so-weekly Report of a Almost Broken Bunk Bed

So this was a very interesting week, but it was fetching awesome. So we had a special training with Elder Nelson from the Quorum of the 12, and that is cool in and of its self. It was a broadcast from Salt Lake to Chile, but only to Chile, so that was sweet. The spirit was so strong. But the coolest thing about that conference was that one of our less actives that we had just barely started to teach went. She hadn’t gone for like 17 years, and she doesn’t have a firm grasp on the doctrine, so we have been teaching her and her grandma. But it was awesome, she went to church!!!!! I left that reunion so happy. Other than that the week was pretty simple. We contacted and contacted and tried to balance our time between the two sectors. But now I am in another sector, in another stake with someone else. I changed this morning. It was really weird, just going to another sector all of a sudden. I had to pack really fast and I hardly got to say goodbye to very many people. But I guess that is how the mission is. I am now with E' Palacio. He is awesome; we also live in a square that has 2 floors. It’s kinda tiring to go up and down the stairs all the time. I think that the hardest thing was finding a place to put all my ties. Hehe. Anyways I love you all and hope your week is amazing. 

Love E' Whetten

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