Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pics from Argentina

elder paredes, my first companion here in argentina! 
he leaves in 2 months!!!

this picture describes my feelings for soccer right now.... 

 this is how they do it in argentina!!

Anthony - August 13

Well, I'm not dead yet. I got here just a while ago with around 20 other elders. we all went from Salt Lake together, and picked up a  couple in atlanta. There is only four of us going to south. The rest are going north. Well there is not much else to say. See you later. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Diana - August 12

howdy ho family!!
So transfers were today and that is why I am emailing on Tuesday. I am so proud of my family they are pretty amazing!! I am so excited that Anthony is on his way to Chile!!!! that's so exciting!!!
 Transfers just happened and i am in a new area with a new comp! sister boyd is my new companion and Beaver lake is my new area. I am really going to miss Sister Prows and Meridain but I know that this is were the Lord needs me for who know what. had a great week nothing too exciting happened just a lot of talking. well hope you are all happy and ready for a great week ahead of you!!! love you always 
sister whetten

Jesse - August 10

Well i lived to see another week in the mission. and im not saying that because something bad happened in the mission that i cant mention:P everything is going great and this past week couldnt have been better! it all started right after we got to our first lesson after we got done with the internet on monday. we went to teach silvio and roman, and when we got there with the misison lider we found that a huge truck full of cement had been dumped out in from of there house so that they could use it, but they had to get it all in before it dried up. we hauled 7 meters of cement to be used as a floor, it was a great exercise and a lot of service!! we were blessed with another baptismal date for the 23 of this month so we will see what happens with him, his name is pablo and has been investigating the church for about 6 months now so we are hoping to get him under some holy water this week;) but the best part by far was that silvio baptized his  older brother Roman on Saturday. the feelings that i had in that baptism cant really be described so i wont even try haha but i will say that it was the best and most rewarding feeling ive had in a long time. and the first one that i had to really put a lot of work into to make sure it went well. the role as district leader has been great and i really like it, its not that im power hungry or anything its just really fun to converse with all the missionaries and see how they are doing in there own areas. my companion elder olsen and i have gotten to know each other a lot more and it is definalty a lot easier when you and your companion are friends and not just companions! we still ahve a lot of work to do but we are doing great. i find myself on my knees a little more now, which is something that i shouldve started a long time ago. also i couldnt be happier than to know that im not the only Elder Whetten in the mision field!! it makes my eyes sweat a little knowing that my younger brother is going to be joining me in the work in just one day. i couldnt be happier and prouder to have two names on my chest, that of my family,Whettens. and that of my savior, Jesucristo. 
Elder Whetten