Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Diana - March 17, 2014

Well there is not a whole lot to report on this week was pretty slow but we do have a baptism coming up for Ave he finally decided to get dunked!!! we are so excited!!! some other great new Sister Batton and i are going to down town Seattle today we are going to the gum wall the space needle it is going to be great i cant wait. well i love you all and hope you are having a great week know that i love  yall and so does the Lord!!!!!\
love always sister Whetten!!!

Jesse E-mail - March 18, 2014

well to start off this weeks later i wasnt able to email yesterday due to the fact that i was still in the hospital with my companion. we finally got the news on whats going to go on with him, hes being sent home sometime this week. so this next transfer i will be starting o ff in a new area with a new companion because la florida is being closed for a little while due to the fact that more missionaries left this transfer than came. but im just excited to know that i will be back to doing the work again!!

this last week i was able to leave the hospital for 5 days and be with the pensioneros (Assistants to the President)  again and some pretty fun things happened. One of the things that happened was that we got caught in a rain storm while we were trying to fix the propane stove to one of the sister missionaries apartments. its one of those stoves thats on the inside but the propane tank is just on the other side of the wall. and considering they need this gas for hot water and cooking, it was kinda important that we got it done. so we had a really cold night in the rain. ohh and we didnt have rain coats because we had no idea it was going to rain:P so that was good. the second really crazy story is that we saved a handicapped kid from a flooding car:P so after we had finished a service project the day after the rain storm we had to go run some errands for the mission office. well to get to where we wanted to go we had to go under a railroad track. well since the day before it had just rained it had a good 3 feet of water down inside of it. well in the process of us 5 missionaries blasting the pirates of the Caribbean theme song and blowing through the water in the mission truck another little car wasnt so lucky. this little blue car got stuck because the water got inside of the engine. well this man was hanging outside of the window asking us for help because water was coming in his car and his little boy was laying in the back seek. so i threw on some sandals and went into the water and rescued the boy through the car window. well turns out i took him to the wrong side, so we got him in the car told him that today he was a pirate, played "hes a pirate" and went through the water with him. the joy in his eyes was amazing and even though i haven't been doing to much proselyting, i still found that feeling in giving service. so that was my thought for the week, that its not always through words that we can share the gospel, but in our service. yes afterwards we got his direction too so it all worked out great! i cant wait to see what this next transfer has in store for me though! but about Anthony's mission call, i think hes going to chile, or equador! i cant wait to find out where hes really going!  so i hope everyone is still doing great and staying out of trouble! as always i keep you in my prayers and love you all!
Love Elder Whetten