Thursday, April 30, 2015

Anthony - April 29, 2015

Ok, so you are probably wondering why  I am writing a little later then normal. The reason is that we had an awesome leccion with a family from India. It was super cool because we got to teach in english. I haven't done that in a really long time. It was cool. After the leccion we fund out that truthfully the aren't going to progress. But still it was cool. This week was pretty "Normal". I put those there because we all know there is no such thing as a normal day. But we try our best. We had some good citas with the returned missionary and her daughter. They have been making alot of progress, for the past 2 sundays they have came to church, its super cool. We also saw a minivan hearse. Its the front of a white minivan with the back extended to accommodate a dead body. I laughed when I saw it. Its a good thing it was moving or else that could have been bad. We also met an epileptic dog, his name is rio and he doesn't take affection very well. It was cool. other then tat everything has been pretty normal. Hope yu all have a wonderful week. Love you all. 
Love E' Whetten

Fotos from Argentina

i found the pictures!!

 we sometimes get bored:)

haha the funniest thing comes next

ust to let yall know, my companion has a prosthetic leg and we get along too well haha 

Jesse - April 26, 2015

this week was filled with a lot of amazing things, but it didnt start like that.. yeah i was sick for almost three days with the cold so that part sucked, especially for my companion who had nothing to do after he watched all the Mormon messages that i had for him ja and i don't think he even ate because if i don't cook he doesn't eat haha its alright though he will learn:P after i got better from my sickness i got two really good  notices 
1. that the temple would be opening now on thursdays through Saturdays
2. that maxi would be going through the temple on the saturday that just passed and i got to go with him.

i have literally been waiting got this moment for more than one year! i can only say so much on the subject but entering that sacred place with someone the lord had led me to so long ago was something i cant really put into words. he leaves in like a week for his mission so i am really excited for him. he is a little nervous but thats to be expected. one thing though that i can share is that one of the people who went with us afterwards told me that i planted a good seed. and i couldn't help but agree, it was just too easy this day to see what the lord has actually done for me. if everyday was like that life would be all too easy, but its not and we all know that. i waited for that moment for over a year and it came and went way too fast. but those  are the moments we must hold onto. i wont ever forget what Ive felt and seen this week. i only have two months left to really make those kinds of differences here, time doesn't stop haha that much i know!! 
my companion and i are doing great, growing and getting to know our area better with each day. last night we took some funny pictures that i cant send yet but it will give yall something to look forward to:P 

Elder WHetten!

and our toilet is broken:P that happened this week too!