Monday, August 4, 2014

Jesse - August 4

Alright so i dont know where i should start but ill just say that this week was great! my old companion and great friend Castillo left and i got Elder Olsen, and my mom already found his mom and are talking about it:P hopefully i get a Latin companion next so then they dont know too many details:P so being the district leader wasn't exactly what i wanted to do this transfer but i kinda like it, i was really stressed that i was just going to kill it and the district wouldn't have baptisms until i left but i guess it went by a little better than that haha last monday(my first day as district leader) i had to do a baptismal interview that night, in a city that i had never traveled to haha we got lost.... we ended up geting off the bus about 3 miles too early and had a good talk on the way. but when we finally made everything turned out great. he was baptised last saturday! even though i didnt get to teach him the lessons or anything i kinda felt a connection with the guy. its a little weird how things liike that happen. then this transfer a whole bunch of things were changed that the district leaders have to do so im part of a first generation haha well during the week with all the stress and the pressure that was put on me i felt like i was really sucking it up and the area was going to pieces. well yesterday for me was a blessing. we had more less actives in sacrament than members and a lot of them bore their testimonies, one of the less actives that we brought was an old time friend of the bishop and when he bore his testimony the bishop was a little emotional and it really helped me know that WE were doing a good job and not completely destroying the area:P and one more thing, Silvio the 23 year old man we baptized last week received the aaronic priesthood, and i got to do it. it was my first time giving the priesthood to somebody and saying the blessing so i was terrified when they asked me to do it haha but that was the first time i could really feel like i was receiving heavenly help that strongly. i wont go into too much details but the point is that im doing great and finally found that real desire to share what i know is true, i know as usual im late but then again, maybe im just in time:) im still a little jealous that we have a puppy and im not even there to enjoy it! Mom...ive never had a puppy before, what a deprived child i am:) so when i get home i will put the stress upon myself to get you another puppy:)you know.. just in case fred decides to stroke:P i love you all, im doing great and at this point have lost the majority of my muscle so now all i can really do now is parkour and play soccer...what a bummer;) ohh and there are a lot of snakes here hahaha
Elder Whetten:D

Diana - August 4

Hello everyone!!! Well this week was pretty sweet. NO dad I didn't lick it lol but Sister Prows and i are working hard to work with the members. We have been meeting a lot of less actives and it has been great to see how I can help when I get home. I am going to be the best member missionary ever!! Sunday was the best though. we asked some people to share there testimonies about missionary work and it was so amazing to see that there are so many ways to do missionary work it is not just one way of doing it. It is so great that Heavenly Father uses our weaknesses and our strengths to help everyone else around us.  It is so amazing to see!! Well I think a year of not going to the dentist and eating a lot of sweats has taken its toll on you poor teeth they are hurting so i have to go get them checked out = ( but it will all be good. Well 6 weeks has gone by quick transfers are next week and I think I am leaving but every time i think that i stay sister prows will stay it will be her last transfer. but anyway I love you all and i hope you are having the time of you life. oh before i end something really cool i heard yesterday is that we all have many many many verses to our song and it will not sound very good if we try to sing them all at once so sing one at a time and enjoy where you are right now. 
love you all and have a great week!!