Thursday, April 2, 2015

Anthony April 1 2015

Not-so-weekly Report of A Madman

Well this week was kinda sucky. We had alot of citas that we thought were firm fall, but, we have also found alot of new people. So I guess kinda equals out, but it still sucks. We found this lady who is inactive, a returned missionary and is helpìng her sister get back to church, its interesting. I am not sure how we're going to take this one, I think that its just a lack of faith, she said that it was a proses of her getting way from the church so let hope thats all it is. The up side is that her daughter wants to be baptized, so we are going to teach them both what the mom already knows. So yeah, this week should be fun. Other then that just the normal, we bought another fardo and it is filled to the brim with super ugly ties. I thought the other ones were bad but this one is worse. But hey we took a train to get there, which is kinda cool. Another thing that kinda sucked was we got stuck in the house for two days. We were able to go to church but it still sucked. It was because of this memorial thing about two kids that got killed in a riot. S what dose everyone do? RIOT! At least I think that is what happened, not sure, all I know is we got stuck in the house. I did finish my scripture cases tough, so I feel slightly accomplished. SO there you go, my life. Love you all and hope your week is awesome. 
Love, E' Whetten

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Jesse March 30, 2015

very little time and so many things to write! this Saturday we were able to have not just one but two baptisms for our branch!! they were both really great experiences and i got to baptize ezequiel!! him and his family are actually from Paraguay and have been living here for about 9 years now so its really good to see that from ezequiels example his mom has now really has desires to get baptized too. i will see if i can send some pictures today! also we fund this hardcore Catholic lady that didn't even want us to go in her house the first time we passed by, so we passed by one more time and she said the same exact thing but somehow we ended up entering and teaching a really powerful lesson with her. she even told us that she was impressed At the things that we had taught and that so much f it made sense to her. the spirit was really strong and it was a great experience not just for her but for us too. theres still not anything too promising with her  but we will see! also we started the #graciasaqueElvive which i think is thankstoheliives....yeah i don't know what its called in English but it has a cool video about how Christ resurrected on the 3 day. we shared it in the baptism and it was just a great feeling of truth. on Sundays here in colon we always have lunch with a familia fernandez and it has become a custom that we have milkshakes on Sundays now. she cooks sooo good! shes even cooked us Brazilian food! so we really look forward to Sunday lunches. well that just about explains what happened this week, i emailed on Wednesday so you haven't missed out on to much. we are stoked for this conference!!! it will be my last conference on the mission so its an important one! i love you al and i hope you enjoy the conference this weekend!
Elder Whetten

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