Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Elder Whetten - August 21, 2013

Mom i dont know when you will see this but ive got some big news! im not getting rassigned!! this week i got my travel plans and im going straight to argentina! i leave monday at 7:30 in the morning so if you were sending me something i probably wouldnt send it:P just thought i would tell you that real quick because my distict is heading to the residence. i will get back on soon today and see what you have to say about this news:) i love you mom. and i know theres a reason why i get to go straight there:) ill talk to you soon:)
Elder Whetten!!

Diana E-mail August 19, 2013

Well Good morning family!!! 
 This week was pretty fun. Sister Payne and I spoke in church yesterday. It was so fun i loved it. the ward is starting to trust us and i  love it. the people here are so amazing!!! Everyone is so kind. I wanted to go on the zip line today but sister Payne said no. lol but its probably better that i stay off of it for now lol.
On Thursday  we had a Zone conference and it was so amazing. Pres. Choi and Sister Choi talked about a lot I made a video and so i will send that sometime. 
so i have been out on my mission for a month how crazy it feels like just yesterday i was saying good bye to you guys. Where did all that time go?
 so yesterday Sister Payne and i decided that we wanted to go to this lady's house who we gave a message to a few days ago but she really was not interested. but we wanted to see how she was doing so we drove up to her house and she and her husband were outside and they invited us to sit with them and talk and they both love God and have such a strong testimony of His love for them. it was so amazing to talk to them. So we were talking and they invited us to stay for dinner. and i was starving so we stayed and we had such a great time we talked about what happens after like and the three degrees of glory and judgment it was so cool. as we were leaving the lady Allison said that she thought we weren't going to come back because she said she didn't want to come to our church.
it just showed me that there is more ways than one to share the Gospel. every church out there has some truth to what they believe and  they are not wrong they just need more. so serve people that will build trust and show people we don't just want them to be baptized we want them to feel loved  and welcomed, no matter what they believe and when THEY are ready they will ask you questions about the church  just prepare and be ready for there questions.
 I love this Gospel so much I know its true! Heavenly Father is prepare people for all of us to teach not just people in Washington, and not just people in Argentina He is preparing people in the little town of Safford Arizona, so be ready and they will come. I love you all so much and a day doesn't go by that I am not missing you, but all is well. so keep smiling!!!!

With all the love in Washington, 
Sister Diana Marie Whetten