Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Anthony - February 25, 2015

Not-so- Weekly report of don't have a lot of time

I am really sorry but have absolutely no time this week I am not dead and things are going great. Love you all and hope that your week is awesome. I will try to fill you all in later.
Love E' Whetten

(He did mention something to me about moving - so I guess we'll see what he's up to when he emails next week)

Jesse - February 23, 2015

New Comp

so this week was another fast and great one with my brazilian companion, but now hes at home and enjoying brazilian stuff. most of the week was spent with elder doddema from montana. not really much to say this week, we have to move our baptismal date again:P but we are sure that he is still going to get baptized so we arent worried. my new companion is Elder brush haha im not sure if anyone remember him but we were in the same apartment back in parque baron! so when i heard that he was going to be my companion i didnt believe anyone. he might just be the one to get me doing exercises again jaja ive gotten lazy with those for about...17 months :D something funny, me and my companion elder venancio always scare the animals that we find in the streets. this week it was night time and our next victim was a cat. we had this all planned out to the point where we thought we had the cat surrounded i was on one side and he was on the other, as my companion went to jump at the cat his foot found an unexpected pothole and he ate dirt in front of a family we hadn't previously seen. i of course started laughing as my companion quickly stood up and started running. the worst part is that the cat got away but lets look at the good things in life hes okay and we had something to laugh about for 3 days. its a little short this week but thats life:P i love you all! have a great week!
Elder Whetten