Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Anthony - August 23, 2014

Well, you are probably getting ourself for some sort of bloody gory incident, well you can stop worrying, its nothing major. I just got my arm chopped off. Just kidding, I'm in one piece still but I did hurt myself. SO, sit back relax and enjoy the ride (MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA). We had service at our apartment, water the plants, but there was one hose and 4 guys. You can do the math, we were messing around with a lid from like a butter container, using it as a Frisbee and because of the bad luck of myself and my comp, it flies between the slats of someone porch and into their laundry. Not wanting to disturb the poor person my comp decided to use two sticks to get it out. I watched with a big grin n my face, just waiting for the door to open. Well it did, as soon I saw the doorknob turn I was gone all that was left of my was my shadow. So anyways I raced around these two cement block and was almost home free when my foot turned at an odd angle and I felt a pop. I hit the ground and instantly curled up into a ball. It hurt pretty bad. to cut the story short I twisted my ankle and now I am stuck in the house for a weeks, and when I go out I have to wear this stupid boot. OH well, Yesterday E' Turley and I had a flicken chicken fight.  don't ask but it was fun. Also I read a really cool article called "the Forth Missionary" it is super cool. Well that was my week. The house and a fat foot. Love you all and hope your week is awesome. 
Love E' Whetten

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bowling night

My new haircut

my poor ankle

Ok so we didn't have ice the first day so that on my leg is a shark fin, the other elder found it in the street and we have had it in our freezer, don't wory mom its in two bags

the veiw from my apartment


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Jesse - October 20, 2014

so this week we had transfers and they decided to take me out of la cumbre and put me into a new ward called peñeiro. I'm not too excited about the change but then again there is nothing i can do about it. last week though a lot of things happened, but i think the highlight of the week was the fact that we went and hunted frogs with some of the sister missionaries in my district and with another leader from their ward. we were in a place where the water reached just belows the knees and there were frogs everywhere. in the end we caught 16, we killed gutted and ate them all! not a lot of meat but really really good!! this week we also had an activity in the chapel where we had everyone cook and dance from their own countries. we had people from chile, peru,bolivia, españa(spain) mexico and it was really fun, i will have to send pictures a little later because the computer I'm using doesn't have a USB port thing. but the pictures are really good! today we went to bed at 1 in the morning because we still had to pack everything in our suitcases, so on top of going to bed late we had to wake up at 5 so i am literally falling asleep as i write this letter:P but things will be good for the lack of words this area is a little questionable,  there is a lot of villa/ghetto. but i will be fine:)my companions name is elder cornejo and is from peru, and just so you all know my dad in the mission went home today so that was weird. but other than all that stuff I'm doing great still! a new place, people, companion, area, challenge and stage in the mission! lets hope i learn this area fast because I'm going to be killing my companion,he goes home this next transfer:P but i love yall! have an amazing week!!
Elder Whetten