Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Anthony - December 10, 2014

Not-So-Weekly Report of A Christmas Feend

Ok, so now that I got all of that figured out, hopefully you all get this. Anyways this week was kinda boring, not alot happened. I'm looking back at my planner and yeah not much, most of our lecciones fell through and this Pday was kinda chill. WE had a kinda cool thing happen with Marcelo. He let us in to teach him, and he was all alone. It may not seem like a very big deal but it was super cool, But yeah boring week. big along with that boring week comes my last week with my trainer. it not official but I think he is going,and by think I mean hope. I mean I love that crazy guy and all, and its fun to work with him but i don't want to leave right before Christmas, its ...its... its fome. sorry my spanish is coming out. But there is just no other was to describe it. So yeah, the spanish is coming along fine, I have gotten to jokes now, not communication but jokes. Como: Que el orfeón  pediò a la Pizzaria? Dos Familiares. at least I think thats how it goes. anyways, thats my life, love you all and hope you have a good one. 
Love, E' WHetten

Jesse - December 8, 2014


bueno, where to start! i am still in the same area with the same people in it but i do have a pretty dang cool companion! we started working a lot harder this week and we haven't really seen that many results yet but thats to be expected:P for the time being we are planting a ton of seeds, we have knocked on a lot of doors and looked for a lot of less actives in the directorio, and thank goodness we have found some people because we are just exhausted! its been great though, this week i believe the best thing we did that changed the area was that we gained the confidence of the members here. things were a little rough with my last companion going home last transfer so it went a little downhill. but We Now Have Their Trust and that changed everything! i found out that i really love being able to share the gospel during christmas because its so easy! i will admit that it is still hard with the kind of people that we come in contact with but it is easier! we have been asked to share the video "El is la Dadiva" with everyone we come in contact with. in English i believe it is " he is the gift" it is an awesome video and the people really like it! we do have a baptismal date for the 20 ot Dec! her name is lujan and i think that i mentioned her in the previous mails. she was a little lost in the world when we actually found her(by accident) and within 2 weeks stopped drinking alcohol and coffee. she stopped going to parties because she knew she would get tempted there and even fasted to get off sundays to go to church!! she is awesome and is reading through the book of mormon. she takes notes of every chapter and just really understands everything that we teach, and when she doesnt understand she just straight up asks us about it. and this week my companion and i took up the sport of dart throwing, yeah its become a good past time for us. he even managed to make my finger bleed jaja and there is a dog that belongs to the owners of the apartment and she just comes in the apartment whenever she wants. she is a wiener dog and technically we arent allowed to feed her anything but we decided to feed her a little tiny bit of kettlekorn. mayonnaise, bread, hot sauce and rice. shes a trooper cuz she aint dead yet. oh and her name is dalila. but other than that we find fun ways to make boring things well...funner! christmas is going to rock this year! and new years! its crazy that we are already at this point again but i wouldnt change anything. marry christmas to everyone and tip for the week....moist salt is still usable, and socks make the best sponges! 
Love, Elder Whetten!!!