Friday, January 29, 2016

Anthony - January 27, 2016

Not-so-weekly report of a weeping angel wrangler

Please do not be sad if you don't understand, it happens to everyone. But this week was really good. We have several people listening to us. That the first step right. Right now we are trying to strengthen the ward more then anything, that means trying to find and reactivate menos actives, and do that with the help of the ward. Sounds easy, but this is not the case, the people here are what is known as Flojo, or in English, lazy. We do our best to animate and keep the ward going. In all truth, these wards are not like the states, without the missionarys they don't do much. But we do what we can. Other then that not much of crazy things happened this week. We had a really cool leccion with someone that we killed. I know that should be one of the saddest leccions and everything, but it was really cool to be super frank with him and to testify with power the truth that is that we have all the truth and that this is the only was to exaltation. The only, there is no other way. Salvation is personal, yes, it also can be done without the authority of god, but the highest amount of joy that we can have in this life and the life to come can only come through the ordinances completed in the temple and those can only be done in the house of the Lord, under his power. WE have the truth, and that is the truth. WE should never be afraid nor ashamed to call ourselves members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This is his Church. WE are his people. I love you all and I thank you for your prayers and support.
Love E' Whetten

Ps. today we ate at Wendy's, had cinibon cinnamon rolls and went found the park of love.

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