Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Anthony - March 30, 2016

Not-so-Weekly report of the Barefoot Dog Catcher

Yes, yes, I know, explain. SO yesterday we were stuck all day in the house for what is known as Joven cobatiente. It was fun, then it got kinda boring. I can't study for very long with out getting sleepy. But I did learn how to make tortillas. it was fun, I did that and everyone just kinda stared at me like I was crazy. But in the end I had delicious. At the end of the day we were all pretty tired of seeing each other, so we decided to watch some of the Church videos, and movie, when a newly baptized member called and told us that he has something for us outside. WE went and they had made cinnamon rolls. And not the bad chilean version but the real thing. We were super happy. Then all of a sudden the dogs escaped. So we had to catch them. But the problem was that I was dressed like a clown and didn't have shoes. But I ran anyways. I don't think I have ever run faster in my life. But it was fun anyways. I got home and my feet hurt, but I was smiling like crazy. So there we sat. Eating and watching Mountain of the Lord, Only a stone cutter, all the classics, until we had to go to bed. Today was pretty normal, we played soccer. Tomorrow I am going to hurt like crazy. This week, other then that, was pretty normal lots of contacting, and almost every night we take Jannot to the house of the Hna that's teaching to speak Spanish, I help and in doing so I learn a bit of french. Its cool. I learned that Girlfriend is petit amie in french, its really cute, its literally means, little love. But yeah other then that, all good. I love you all and hope your week is awesome. 
Love E' Whetten