Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Anthony - October 14, 2015

Not-so-weekly report of a Man on an Invisible Bench

So this week was pretty interesting. WE have done more contact then I have ever done in my entire life, and I love it. We went and did early morning contacts in the metro (subway) and it was awesome, we took the longest route and contacted everyone in site. I walked in one train and seeing that it was pretty much empty and all the seats where taken, I sat on the wall, and when the people sitting down looked at me I simply sayed invisible bench. From there I contacted the ones there were laughing. I talked to this one girl for a really long time, but before I could get the reference I had to get off. But I did give her a Plan of Salvation Leaflet. It was super cool, she works with dieing people. She is like the nurse that takes care of the people that are almost over the edge, but she doesn't believe in God, so hopefully she can be found. But yeah, that was about the coolest thing of the week, the rest is pretty tranquilo. Love you all and hope your life is awesome. 
E' Whetten
PS we went to a Museum today and I learned that all the really cool people have canes and bowties just saying. 

Fotos from Chile - Oct. 14, 2015


Creepy old catholic thing 

Really old awesome violin 

Statue selfy