Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Chilean Fotos

 Fernanda, her uncle, and her mother. 

A heart shaped popped blister.

Anthony - May 20, 2015

Not-so-weekly report of a heartful worker.

This week was good. We found this lady that seems really interested in listening to us, but the problem is that every time we go over there she just got beat up or something. The last time we passed her face around the eyes was all purple. She said that her car got stolen and that she was waiting for the doctor. But she also set a cita for next week when she is feeling better, hopefully we can find her in good health. We also finally got back in contact with an investigator that we had kinda lost for a bit. Her name is Karen and she wants to believe in God, but she doesn't know how and wants us to help. So this week we taught her the second lección. She is super cool and super smart, she is also friends with a menos activa that we are teaching. The MA is a little more complicated. She has been talking to her teacher about religion and that has got her kinda confused, but we cleared up most of her doubts the last time we met. In other news We had a baptism this week, Don't know why i didn't mention that earlier. Fernanda got baptized! But it took alot to get her to that point. Not that she is a bad person or anything, on the contrary, just there was alot we had to do. When we got to the font 10 minutes before the Baptism the font wasn't filled the program was wrong and none of the bishopric had shown up. So yeah it was fun. E' Fernelius had to fill the font up with an emergency hose while I ran around trying to get people to do everything. Like I said fun, but it all turned out OK. Also that morning we had service so that was fun. I got to use a really big stick to break up the dirt. And you can probably imagine what that was like. Anyways, love you all and hope your week is stupendous. 
Love E' Whetten

Jesse - May 18, 2015

the Beginning of the End!!

so today officially marks the last 6 weeks of my mission here in Argentina! something that i didnt think would ever come but at the same time has come too fast. for the time being i have mixed feelings about it all but this last week kept my mind off of things. here in argentina another temple was built in a place called cordoba. it was a really neat thing to get to witness and we were even able to take two people who are investigating the church to the broadcast of the temple celebration. they were willing to travel over an hour away in bus train and then walking just to see it. they are also the baptismal dates that we have for the 6 of June so we are praying for them. my companion and i have really gotten used to things around here and we have even changed some things. these next 6 weeks we are going to work really hard, trying to find people who have been prepared to receive this message at this time. throughout the week we were able to play a little bit of futbol and it really never gets boring, thats actually probably one of the best things about serving in south america, they play my sport! i also got to know some new people in an area close to here because we did whats called interchanges. okay im not soo sure if that translates over from spanish correctly but maybe you all understand:)  i will also have a chance to serve one last time as the district leader for part of our zone, a little more responsibility on top of training a missionary but im stoked about it! it makes me try a little harder. i will attach some picture this time since i have my companions camera to use. i love you all!
Elder Whetten