Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Photos from Washington

Sister Diana Whetten with her companion Sister Natalie Batton

Junior Ilaoa Baptism

Ave Mulo Baptism

Monday, March 31, 2014

Diana - Email - March 31, 2014

 well this week has been good lots of people tp teach and find!! last week we had a baptism Ave was baptised and be bore his testimony yesterday at church it was a really cool experience. I  am so excited for anthony that is so cool chile how excited Jason and i are the only ones who didnt get to speak spanish on our missions and i am the only one who has no idea how to speak spanish thats ok though i can barley speak English lol well being a missionary is definitely not easy and for all of you who are getting your mission calls know that God trust you Satan hates you and so satan will do everything in his power to make you stay home so do the small things read your scriptures say your prayers GO TO THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!!! power up now because once you get on a mission everything you are going to share with the people you serve will be tested and just because you have a name badge doesn't mean trials will not come because they will. We are the Lords front line right now we are protecting the world so that means that we are going to be the ones who get most of the fire. but just like it says in Jacob 5 the Lord is with us helping us. Also remember that the Lord is preparing people right now before you even get there for you so dont give up never give in God is with you!! 
love you all sister Diana M Whetten

Jesse - Email - March 31, 2014

I Totally called that anthony was going to Chile!!!!! I am really excited for him and the chance he has to serve in santiago!
this week has been great! its been fun to try and start anew in a area. its actually been really fun! for this whole week we walked around with a map in our hands trying to figure out where people lived:P but luckily the streets mostly have names of countries, so there a little easier to remember. our main focus for these next transfer is to really get to know the members, go to lessons with them and get to know there families. the members live here so they know a lot more than we do about...well everything. so they are our main focus for now. ive also never worked with members that have been ex-communicated before! and we have three in this area so there are different rules with them  that we have to follow so it will be fun. the area is beautiful though! its finally starting to cool down and the trees are changing colors! part of our area is a kinda center of safford, thatcher area but then you walked 8 blocks and it turns to more fields and humble homes, i love it! and there is a panaderia close to our apartment so we dont have to go too far to get some donuts!! there are some members here too that are just amazing and really want to help us with the work so we have that going for us too! overall i dont think im going to want to leave this area. we did end up walking a ton though because we are waiting for some bikes but man, after sitting in a hospital for a month and driving in a truck for two weeks, walking everywhere we went was hard!!! so im really looking forward to those bikes:P other than that we are having some success and im just enjoying mission work and stepping more outside of my comfort zone. ive learned that if i get an impression to do something to just do it! before it was hard to clap at a front door and talk to a complete stranger, or while im sitting on the bus or train or bus stop. i still lack faith sometimes but im getting better:) i hope everyone at home knows i love them! even all the way over here in Argentina:)
Elder Whetten