Monday, March 24, 2014

Jesse E-mail - March 24, 2014

good news! i did finally get transferred today. and the area that im in now is called San Vicente and im really excited for this area. for one ive been waiting to get back to doing the work for over a month now and two its in a really pretty spot. this area is actually away from the city and is a little more open, kinda like home. but my new companion is elder Colivoro from Chile! so everyone of my companions up to this point has been a latin and from a different country. the first was from Peru, Ecuador, Argentina and now Chile. 
the past week was really good though, i got to do some things that not every missionary gets to do. i got again go to a lot of the areas in the mission to drop off fridges and stoves, i also got to make the phone calls in the offices so i did help a little there. but i would have to say that the best part was that on friday we went to the capital just me and the registrators in the office(who are Elders) and we went to go pick up all the packages that families send the misisonaries but while we waited for the extremely long process we got to go to some japanese gardens. i mean this place was awesome! it really made me want to go to japan and just look at gardens which isnt something i would normally do. i have a lot of fotos that i took of that trip but now i cant send them because the only computer here that has USB is being used:P so that will have to wait til next week sorry. but mom you would've loved the outlook and all the flowers there! ohh and the coy fish in the water were huge too. there were some other stories that happened this week that wouldn't be appropriate to share at this time or probably ever:P 
i also got to figure out that the office elder which consist of the assistants,registrators and pensioneros have a really different way of life on the mission. it is fun but they have a lot of responsibilities. probably not something i will be doing while im here:P i think one of my favorite things though was meeting the people in different wards. for me its just fun to me to meet strangers abd talk. and it made me want to go to my own area which i now have! ohh and a little more about my area, its a lot smaller than the areas ive been in but still has a lot of work to be done. my companion is the district leader so that should be fun too because in our district we only have sister missionaries and us two. which is alot different because ive never had sisters in my district before. now thats all we have. but im am doing really good, im extremely happy and excited for this new area. 
i find myself craving to do service now, just to see the results of something ive done and see the people that have benefitted from it. everything for right now seems like sunshine and rainbows but im ready for the hard times because my companion and i are white washing this area/starting from scratch and trying to life it back up again. it sounds like everyone is doing great  at home, the only thing i have to say is find happiness in service and seek for any chance to share the gospel. as the missionaries have been told, be Bold but not overbearing:P i love you all and pray for the best. 
Love, Elder Whetten