Thursday, July 30, 2015

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Anthony - July 29, 2015

Not-So-Weekly Report of Me and My Girl Elisabeth

This week was pretty normal. I received a plant from our investigators. it was cool, and now our little study area has a little more color and fresh air. Another thing that happened  was we had interviews with Prez this week. In all that interview showed me something interesting. The last time I had interviews I wasn't being the best missionary in the world, I will admit it. but I have changed. Even my President noticed it. Yes and the way I knew that I had changed is the way that I felt before during and after the interview. Before I was a bit nervous, but that was only because of the memory of last interview. But when i walked in I felt calm and happy, I was able to talk tranquilo. Then afterward I felt not scorned nor reprimanded but ready to keep going. Then I made the conclusion that that is how its going to be during Final Judgement there is not going to be any big court room, any babbling or fussing. Just us God and Jesus Christ in an office, talking. And depending on how we feel depends on where we go. In the end we choose what place to go, because what we did in this life depends on how much light we can stand and how close we want to be to God, the source of all light. At least that how I think its going to be, it might not be exactly that, but who knows. 
I went on divs this week which were super cool, and I got to know the other missionaries more. This week we have a 3 way baptism planned which is going to be super cool. I am super excited. Y eso, I am still in the smallest place ever and loving every minute of it. Love you all and hope your week is stupendous. 
Love E' Whetten