Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Anthony - September 2, 2014

this week has been a good one. pretty much the same as every other week. I wake up and roll out of bed like a drunkard, get dressed, and then have personal study and exercise. We always play fĂștbol, which I don´t mind,  I like fĂștbol, I´m a little banged up because if it but what can you do. Nothing new and exciting happened, just same old same old. I just want you to know that I love you all and hope you the best. Oh and mom thanks for the card it took about two weeks to get here. Thanks for all your support.
Elder Wheat Thins

Pictures from Argentina

a pic of the train

our zone!! 

 me and my comp at 
 the church open house we had

 eating a Asado! best thing there is!

 the dude with his finger in my ear is one of the coolest guys ive ever meet!

 an intense game of matching
family home evening!  

Jesse - September 2, 2014

what a week! its been filled with sickness, fun activities, the spirit, meeting new friends and even accidents! to start out the week i ended up being sick Monday night through Wednesday, so that really sucked but i guess there's nothing you can really do about that,just keep moving on Thursday my companion and i got invited to go and help out in seminary. it was pretty tough though i must say, making american pancakes and playing ping-pong can really put a lot of stress on someone haha it was a great activity with the seminary students and they all really enjoyed the food and especially the maple syrup!!! they dont have that here so its like gold to them, good stuff! but i would have to say that the highlight of he week was Saturday! we had the chance to participate in a open house for a church in our zone. basically whoever wants can come and take a tour of the church as 10 missionaries participate and teach certain gospel principles. my companion and i were chosen to teach about baptism. so we looked pretty legit all dressed in white. but the best part was that we got to teach about baptism,nothing else just baptism,why we do it, what it does, why christ did it and it was just a really great experience. they were several groups that went through that really had the spirit and it made my eyes a little sweaty. there was even one group that went through that was all members(things had slowed down a little) so i thought alright cool we can just practice with them. this group ended up being one of the best ones we had and it was just an amazing feeling hearing the testimonies of less actives, and actives. yesterday was also great. we had a zone activity that i was put in charge of. we ended up buying a ton of meat,salad and drinks and had whats called an Asado. basically the best meat you can find anywhere, argentine cows are just different,unique, with a beauty that you cant find in your average cow, she means everything to me:P but seriously its freakin good! ohh and we also had tthe wonderful opportunity to witness a car accident yesterday on the way to a family home evening so that was cool, nobody died, just the car. but we did make it safely to the family home evening and it went great, ill ave to send pictures. but that just about summarizes the week that we had here in Argentina. i hope everyone has a great week! ohh yeah an i hear that there are a lot of missions that are using i-pads! what that about haha if we used i-pads here we wouldn't even make it out of the store before it was stolen, along with our wallets money and i-phones...oh yeah we have none of that either:P i love you all! 

Diana - September 1, 2014

Well everyone this week was a good one! I am getting to know the area a lot better and I get to see the Space needle everyday!!! Its the best. We had two people at church yesterday it was so cool and we met them this week. Being in this area is really fun there is never a dull moment. I have decided that the city life is not for me. lol I love being able to drive to the desert and look at the stars and actually see them. Its too loud, too busy and just not for me. Its too dirty and too many hobos for my liking. So for now Safford will do for me. =D So Seattle has a lot of things that I have never had to really deal with before. The first is gays, I don't fully understand it all, but I have come to learn a very important lesson. I do not agree with it I know it is wrong, but every one is a child of God I have no right to pass judgement on anyone. So my stance on this subject is the action is wrong but the people are still in need of my love and respect. The second is atheist. This is one subject I just cant rap my head around. I can understand being angry with God (not a good chose) but i understand but completely denying the very being who created you and loves you and wants you to be happy. That is just not a smart use of there agency. God loves each of us and he wants us to follow in his way because that's what will bring us true happiness. I have never met a happy atheist because God is happiness. I just don't understand.
  I do know that God loves each of us and He will send blessings our way but we must first ask then act. I know that to truly be happy we must follow the commandments follow our leaders called from God. I also know that God is a lot smarter then I am and He knows whats best, even when I don't fully understand some day i will. I love this church and this Gospel. I love my family SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much and i am so exited to see you all soon. be happy and remember God loves you!!!