Monday, February 10, 2014

Jesse E-mail - February 10, 2014

this `week was one of those weeks in the mission that i wont forget. so many great things happened its hard to remember them all. which was a blessing because i really needed to keep my head busier than usual. well this week the rain decided to come back again!! this time is was even harder! outside of the apartment in the street the water was up to our waist!! i have pictures to send but i packed my bags and memory card and i didnt have time to find it before i came to cyber. but i have a picture of two grown men in those really long yellow trench coats, rowing an airup water raft down the street with another man pushing them along ill get those to you next week!! luckily though once again we were on the second story and no water came in. but we did have to help the lady down stairs get everything off the floor so it wouldnt get ruined. the lady even came into our apartment and cooked us lunch which was really weird because we really are not supposed to have any type of girl in our apartment!! it was just one of those moments where i thought i was going to heck because we had a 55 year old woman in our apartment:P the water ended up not draining till about 8 at night so we werent able to do anything all day, so we did the next best thing. Service. we just went around members houses lifting up fridges so they wouldn't get ruined. so we got a good workout too:) and maxi was given the Melchizedek priesthood yesterday!! i got to be present for that. he really is such a god guy and i pray that he serves a mission!! ohh yeah and i finally got moved!! i am now in my second area serving with Elder Aldana! i knew him before but now i get to be his companion. we are serving in the area of La Florida! not sure how the area is quite yet because i only went to the apartment so far:P but i will probably have more to say about it this next week! it was hard to leave parque baron but honestly I'm just ready to go! a new area means a new beginning and i can improve on my weaknesses. I've found that the church is true no matter where you go, it will be the same. but its the people who you share it with that make the most difference. 
Love Elder whetten!!!

Diana E-mail - February 10, 2014

So this week has been exciting it snowed on Saturday and it was a pretty hevey snow and it was so much fun. we woke up sunday morning and i made a snow man and a snow angle. and i pull a stupid typical Diana and i wore sandles in the snow amd i even walked bare foot it was fun and i still have all my toes so that is good. the weather has been really reallly cold and i miss the sun. but all is well  

the work has been been doing great I love being in the samoan ward its the best!!! I have been called fat by 2 men in the ward now but i dont mind it just means i am eating there food.
well i am out here living to dream and i know there is no where else i would reather be then here sharing the gospel i know that the Atonement works for everyone even if you are not a member of the Church Jesus Christ suffered for all of Gods children who choose to follow him. i am so thankful to know that my family is a forever family. well everyone have a great week and know that God loves you.
Love sister whetten