Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Anthony - Nov. 5, 2014

Not-So-Weekly Report of the Cool kid on the block

I mean come on I am pretty cool. This week has gone by so fast its ridiculous. And Actually not much happened this week. We got a newby in our apartment this week which was cool. He is a couple inches taller then me and also from Arizona. What are the odds. But yeah its cool. Its still pretty hot here, we get home and our shirts are drenched. But hey its fun, and the work must go on. The Language is come pretty well. But I found out that I have no conversation skills. None. Its funny, we did contacts yesterday and E' Turly had to get the phone so I was stuck trying to talk to this lady and I couldn't converse to save my life, it was horrible. Luckily she was pretty interested so i Didn't get the door ( and this time it was a door) slammed in my face ....
well the computer freaked out on me but yeah that was my funny story for the week. Beyond that not much happened. LOve you all and hope you week is just awesome. 
LOVE, E' Whetten

Jesse - Nov. 3, 2014

so this week went by really fast but not much happened:P it did however end up raining the whole week! and of course it flooded again! you think they would learn haha so things were very wet the whole time and not very many people let us in. im also finding out that this area really isnt that easy as the last one. this week alone we heard many members talk about how terrible the bishop is and how everyone is really just waiting for him to get released. it was actually really sad to hear but i think what is worse is that nobody helps either. so we are trying more than anything to get there hopes up and get everyone to work together but its slow work, but we will get there maybe not in the time im here but i want to at least make a dent. we did however find a new investigator that found us! we were looking at some souvenirs for my companion to take home for his family when she told us to go and talk to her, she then told us about how she was taking the lessons with other missionaries but then she had moved not too long ago to our area. she now wants to take the lessons and go to the chapel. she seems really excited to learn more and we are hoping that she continues to have these desires. we also have no connection with the world because we don't have a cellphone but personally im doing great. its sad that diana came home a little early but she did what she was sent to do, everything has its purpose and time. i love you all!!
Elder Whetten

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIANA!!  i love you sis!!