Friday, July 19, 2013

Diana first e-mail

Got our first e-mail from Diana:

Well hello everyone this week has deffinety been a crazy one. I have learned so much in the two day I have been here. My companions are so amazing I there are three of us, so at first it was a little weird trying to get used to to other people following you around EVERYWHERE!!! my diststirc is so much fun the Elders are really cool. Jesse and I are at the same campuse so we see each other every once in a while mostly at lunch dinner tme. Everyone is so amazing the spirit here is unbeliveable I feel guilty about every little thing like thinking the Elders are cut or laughing to loud. but my favorite part is that everyone is so happy no one says anything bad about anyone. I feel so happy all the time I think I look a little silly because I have a smile in my face all the time.I havent done anything to embersing yet i did hit my head in the conter this moring trying to get ready but it didnt hurt to bad.
I have been so busy i dont have anytime to think.We are constly have things taught to us that my brain is just on over load mosst of the time, and them when i do get some time to thing is at night when I need to be asleep.  my time is almost up so i just want to say that i love you all i will make time to right letters but please dont get mad if i dont right back soon i am just really busy. so the church is true the book is blue and all is right with the world i can t wait to hear from you all. i want to see lots of pictures so if you can send them please so i will enjoy them very much. my mind jsut went blank i dont now what to write about so if you have questions for me and things you want to know please ask them it will  make this part so mush easier. the skin on the back of my feet is rubded off and it hurts alot and nothing i do will keep the stupid band aid on. i didnt think i would like being in a skirt all the time but it is really nice i feel good about myself because i always look nice. i was going to say i always look good but you all knew that.
well good bye and remeber turn a frown up side down and scatter sun shine every where you go!!!! love you to the moon and back!!!
        The Coolest Sister Missonary Ever,
                                             SISTER DIANA WHETTEN