Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Diana E-mail October 22, 2013

 so this week was a really great one a lot of amazing things happened but i have the memory of a goldfish so I will try to tell you some lol So I had a sister in the ward come up to me and ask me if i had ADD and i told her that I was never told by a doctor but that i might have it a little bit and this is what she said " Oh yeah you have it I could tell from the first time I saw you" lol so that was fun.
So we had transfers today. I stayed in the area but I have a new companion Sister Madsen she is from utah just like every other missionary out here. any way she is super cute I can already tell this is going to be a great next 6 weeks. Sister Leung was transferred and it was a lot harder then i thought it was going to be to say good bye to her but i truly enjoyed and learned so much from her. She is going to my first zone so that was super sweet!!!
I am so tired today I stayed up till 12 helping sister leung pack last night because we didnt get calls till 1030 and so it was crazy and so i know its going to take me for ever to recover =P
OH MY GOODNESS!!! can you believe i have been out for 3 months already that is so crazy the time is going by way to fast. I dont even know what I am going to do. 
So in my ward I am in the Somerset ward and we have 2 sets of missionaries Elders and sisters so last transfer all of us were elder larsen form mesa Elder Atherly from provo Sister leung from Hong Kong and myself well the Elders and sister Leung were transferred. so I am the only one who stayed and that means I have to help the Elders and my new comp. and the ward crazy but it is going to be fun I am excited!!!
So I would just like to give advise to anyone who is willing to listen. If you are thinking about a mission or maybe you dont think you will go but you wonder whats its like go out with the missionaries!!! I love it when the youth in the ward want to go out with us and it gives you a taste what missionaries face everyday. I really wish I would have gone out more when i was home but it was so much fun when i did go out with them so all you girls thinking about missions find sister missionaries and GUYS ( Anthony ) lol go out with the Elders find time if even its only once it will totally be worth your time =D
 Well everyone I just want to let you know that I know the church is true, God Listens to my prayers and He knows me!! He also knows you!!! I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God .We as missionaries never force people to read the Book of Mormon we just invite everyone to read it and find out for themselfs if it is true. and i can promise you this that when one reads it with the really intent to know for themselfs it the book is true they will get an answer from God and he will bless you. I know that everywhere you go the church is true and people are willing to help any way they can and it is so amazing to see.I love you all so much and i am so blessed with such a wonderful family and so many amazing friends. I pray for you everyday and i hope you are happy because God is happy when we are happy!!!! love you all
Sister Whetten!!! 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Jesse Email - October 21, 2013

haha this week was a little bit of both good and bad but mostly good!

so this week we were supposed to go and have our baptism with micaela, but things got a little crazy. the day of the baptism we found out that her and her mom took a trip to paraguay which is really common. so after we had already begun to fill the font and everything we found this out and had to drain it and think of some other plans to do instead:P that was the worst part:P

(I asked him what the best part of his week was)

we found a family to teach!!! and they are very very receptive to all we have to say:)

(I asked him if he had any fun this week)

aha of course mom:) its me! the four of us elders play alot of Uno, and it get pretty intense when there's two languages flying around the room. and we play soccer ever week! and im a little tired right now because we played today too:P and me and elder Davis climbed onto our roof:) i have cool pictures of it!

i hope you all have a wonderful week, don't have to much fun without me:P i miss you all and pray for you always!