Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Anthony - August 5, 2015

Not-So-Weekly report of The True E' Waton

Well this week was a good one I have to admit it. On Saturday we had a baptism. And it was so cool, I baptized la Hna Amada. But before all that could happen we had to make sure  the water wasn't going to be super cold because its winter here and we are freezing as it is. So we filled it with hot waster, but as you know hot water tends to cool down when it sits for too long, and we tried to empty just a little bit to get a water flow, it wouldn't drain. so i was sent to go in, in nothin but my long underwear and push down a floaty thing. It was nice, the water was super warm. but I realized that I am ridiculously white. So yeah that was fun. Not much happened during the week. we went to the temple and then to an all you can eat gourmet pizza place and to live up to my well placed name I ate 21 pieces of delicious pizza and a really big glass of juice. Love you all,