Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pictures from Chile

This is me in my towel 

Anthony - Aug 26

Well this week was...eventful. First of all, every day seems to blend together so these are not exact dates. Nothing happened most of the week, I went out on the town Wednesday after I emailed and nothing to exciting happened. My bag that I took for my scriptures is literally falling apart, slowly but surly and I can´t find the store to by a new one. Oh well., At least I went out side the gates. After that it was back to classes, our room is called the dungeon because it has windows and so we don´t know what time it is at all. A couple days ago we had out first earthquake, nothing big, but kinda shook everyone up. Ü Then one morning while we were starting to  play kick ball. This dog got attacked by to other dogs, it was scary. No one got hut, thank goodness. Then during the match I got smashed in the face by the ball we were using. I fine though, I just got a face full of dirt. Then, like last night I was walking back to class and There were some hermanas in front of us, we suddenly we herd a yelp and a crash looking up I saw a man on the corner across the street, naked, throwing bottles at the street. My fist thought was to block the sisters, but thankfully he ran off. It was pretty weird. This morning my compañero and I went out on the streets again and walked all the way to the other side of ton to find this llama store but we couldn´t find it. I have seen some of the thing you can buy there and they are awesome. The candy here is delisios, well not the candy persay but the snack food. They have this carmel type stuff that you can put on almost everything. They put it in between two cookies and cover the whole thing in chocolate, it is awesome. well that is pretty much my week. I only have an hour to write so I haven´t able to read all your email but I hope that your week was fantastic. Oh and one more thing. In my district I have a nick name, its Wheat thins. Its pretty awesome, we also play a alot of soccer, I am still not very good but I should be ounce these six weeks are up. Well love you all and hope your weeks are spectacular, 
         Elder Wheat Thins

Jesse - Aug. 25

Alright, where to start? it was another week full of just everything. turns out that our baptism wasn't able to go through:P it sucks but thats life right haha we still have a couple of things to straighten out before he gets baptized, one of  them being marriage. that seems to be the problem that we always have in the mission, everyone knows how to make a family but after that they are completely lost:P we have about 5 investigators that want to be baptized but cant because they have to get married first so its a  bummer! also we (my companion and i) realized that we have a lot of differences! it was kinda bugging me so when we had our weekly planning session i mentioned that i didnt feel like we were teaching together and that we had no unity. we then ended up talking for about 40 minutes about the things that we can do to improve the way we teach together. it was really weird for me because i hate talking about personal things or if i have a problem with someone i usually just avoid them! but unfortunately we as missionaries cant do that haha its really the first time that i talked about my feelings with another dude i dont like that much but you know what, it actually helped us a lot! after we had talked about everything and set some goals on what to do our teaching improved a lot and we could finally feel the spirit in the lessons. it doesnt mean that im going to do the same with every companion haha but i did learn from it! im just not a very touchy feely guy:P a funny moment that happened this week! we were getting ready to eat lunch one day with a family and we talked for a while at first but then when everything was finally ready to eat they asked me to say the prayer. i said yes and right when i did i looked into the other room and saw the grossest thing. the family has a puppy that is very mischievous and what he was doing was his duty...all over the floor. he had stepped in it, and was slipping all over the floor because of it, and even had some dingle-berries. so as i began to say the prayer i couldnt help but start to laugh, at this point everyone was ready for the prayer and bowed their heads. it took me a few awkward seconds to get the laughing under control but i finally was able to accomplish it. my companion and i had a good laugh about it. but another good thing that happened was that we talked to a lot of people, more than usual. our purpose is to invite others to come unto christ and talk to everyone, so thats what we did we talked to everyone we could. we got a lot of contact in the streets and even a few new investigators. we have a couple of missionaries that are headed home this next transfer, but the weird thing is that when i arrived to argentina they were in my very first zone. so they watched me arrive and i get to watch them leave. its a little weird to think still that the mission will eventually end, but im going to enjoy what i got:) im still doing good im happy with what im doing, and its still really cold windy and raining:P other than that life is good! i pray for you always! 
Elder Whetten!

Diana - August 25

So this week was really crazy. Monday did our p day thing Tuseday did the normal missionary thing Wednesday we had interviews with President Choi. Wednesday night got a phone call i was being emergency Transferred. I was not happy i did not cause the transfer but I was needed to go to a new area i cried as i packed woke up left Beaver Lake headed to the mission office to find out who my new companion and my new area. So I am now in Down Town Seattle. It is a great area lots of people to talk to.lots of pictures to take. Lots of things to do. My companion is Sister Lee she was born and raised in South Korea but moved to Utah 7 years ago. She is 22 and goes home next transfer. she is a great missionary I am going to really miss sister boyd. oh Well i guess thats what a mission is all about change =/ But i just want you all to know that i love you and i love my savior and I know he hears our prayers. i know that the book of mormon is true. I know that the leaders we have are inspired of the Lord. I know that God cares more about our growth then our comfort. never give up what you want the most for some thing you want right now. hope you all have a great week sounds like everyone is doing great!! i love you all so much!!!