Friday, October 2, 2015

Anthony - Oct. 1, 2015

Not-so-weekly Report of Mr. Pancake

Well, to sum up my ward we have like 5 people that work, 10 that don't do anything and are on the point of inactivation and 50 that are inactive( and thats just the ones we know of) But despite all of that, everythings great. We are working hard and getting results. There is a family that we are teaching and they are pretty much awesome I think I talked about them before, but they are heading toward the waters of baptism. We went with the Primary president and she made an invitation to them to read the LDM and write what they are feeling in a book and they accepted. They are also going to come to general Conference, its going to be awesome . Also another cool experience we had with a member is we went to an investigator we have and he was on the point of dieing (not being able to take the lessions be cause he smokes and doesn't think he can dejarlo. The member we took is Hna Amada who is a recent convert that stopped smoking, and she is on fire. She Contacts everyone in her block and most of them are drug dealers. So we took her to this old man and she gave him palo with love. It was amazing, her testimony is so strong, and she really helped him. There were a few things that dropped the leccions, we had a time that we went with he members to invite the less actives to church, but there was a lack of communications and we wasted more time then we needed to. SO that was a bummer, but the people came to church so it seemed to have worked. But thats about it. Love you all and hope you week isawesome. 
Love E' Whetten
p.s I also learned how to make pancakes

Fotos from Chile

yes I am hugging a Moai