Thursday, April 21, 2016

Anthony - April 20, 2016

Not-So-Weekly report of one of those "Just Add Water, Watch It Grow" toys

Ok, so this week was incredibly wet and kinda sucky. Wet I do well in, my cop hates it. WE passed through 2 days of pure rain, and one of the many attributes of a Chilean is that if it starts to sprinkle you do not leave the house. Not even to answer the door, and we just so happened to not have anything sure planned. Everywhere we went we contacted, but we found very few, and no one wanted to let us into there house. But I guess one has to pass through such times to understand and appreciate the good times. We also had 2 investigators drop us, one doesn't believe in the bible and the other wants to do a personal search to see if its true. (oh and by the way the first one was our golden from last week, she loved the church, just not that they talked about the Bible) So yeah, that is never fun, but eventually they will receive it in its fullness. Just it won't be through me. In other news the water got turned off for a day and we all freaked out. We couldn't bath, wash the dishes and do things like that. But it got turned on again before we died. and all that happy good stuff. But by Chilean law we couldn't have our sacrament meeting that Sunday, and our bishop didn't think it would be right. But there was a ward next to us was porfiado and had Sacrament meeting anyways, so we went there. Other then that my life is pretty normal, contacts, leccions and just stuff in general. I love you all and hope for the best. 
Love E' Whetten

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