Monday, April 21, 2014

Diana E-mail - April 21, 2014

Happy Monday Everyone
 This week was really good we have seen a of miracles and we now have 2 people on date for baptism and i really hope that i can stay long enough to see them both. I am glad that grandma is no longer in any pain and that she is happy. I will miss her more a lot but i know that i will see her again. the weather has been really nice the sun has been out and i am getting a little darker. but yeah i am doing great being a missionary is the best nothing could be better. I love being able to help people change there lives and hepling them see there is more to life. Hope you are all having a great day Alofa atu!!! I love you!!!
Sister Whetten

Jesse E-mail

i hope you liked the fotos! im going to try sending some every week! just so you can have more than words to describe how things are over here in Argentina:)
this past week just flew! i dont think i remember half the things that happened it went by so fast. but one of the best things we did was go to the temple with our little branch. the only reason we got to go was because one of our investigators was going with us!!! he already has a baptismal date for the 17th of may! and he already has assisted the church so we are keeping our fingers crossed for him! he is 21 years old and has a good desire to learn more. as we were with him we also got to be with some of the young people of the ward. we then found out that we were lucky to go to the temple because the mission is trying to stop that now:P so we dont waste time which is very understandable, considering it seems like we never have enough. we also got to go to the lagoon that is only 6 blocks from our apartment! its really beautiful and we had a little picnic there with the sisters and elders of our district. we were also blessed again to find 4 more investigators on sunday!! our prayers are really being answered right now and it feels great! my companion is great and we are really starting to teach well together. lets hope the next transfer doesnt come too fast because im liking the way things are going! i hope everyone is having a great time finishing up with school and the play as always should be great! i think its 3 more weeks and i get to talk to you all! I love you guys!
Love Elder Whetten

Pictures from Argentina - April 21

Argentina!!!! the sunsets are almost as good as Arizonas

another cool sunset...i love the open space!

a really great family that we are trying to help back to church
and a rainbow we saw when it was really cold and raining

pictures of our crazy district 

a butterfly and probebely my favorite piciture ive taken of a car

believe it or not taking this wire cutter cemented into a wall was part of a service project

this is what pegasus really looks like