Thursday, May 5, 2016

Anthony - May 4, 2016

Not-So-Weekly report of the Local Sufari guide.

I know I probably didn't spell that right, but I really don't care. Anyways, today we went to the Zoo, it was pretty sick. WE tried to see all the animals, but some were hiding. But we still saw alot. I won't name them all because that would be a waste of time and frankly idiotic. Lets just leave it at it is a zoo. So that was fun. Another cool thing that is happening is that our Hatian friend is going to get baptized this Sunday. Its super cool. WE have been working so hard with him to get him to this point. And its not  always easy because neither of us speak Hatian or french, but we make do with what we have. Its super cool to see the effect that the spirit has on people, no matter the language. I am so blessed to be a part of this and to see it. Other then that the week has been pretty normal, nothing big has happened, just talking to people about the gospel, and stuff. WE also found a really cool couple that are super interested. WE taught pretty much all the leccions in one, and all because he was asking questions. It was super cool. So we'll see how it goes. Love you all and hope your week is awesome. 
LOve E' Whetten

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