Friday, September 25, 2015

Anthony - September 25, 2015

Not-so-weekly report of no name

Well as you can imagine this week was interesting. Lots of food because of the Chilean Independence day, and lots of scared people, because of the Earthquake. But it was a good week all the same. It did have its low points though. One of which was that we ate breakfast with investigators, a ginormous lunch (which we didn't finish) and everyone around us giving us food. You may think that this is every missionary dream, but trust me when you are about to loose you lunch while trying to eat it its not a pleasant experience. But it is an experience that one can only have on the mission (at least I hope). But anyways we did have some cool storys this week. A couple weeks back we found what can only be called a golden family. Its a mom and her two daughters, the oldest daughters boyfriend. When we found them the boyfiend came out of the house, he looked like one of the most unlikely people to receive the gospel, and he let us in. We met him, and his girlfriend, then the Swegra showed up, and joined. Then Sunday they all came to church. Yesterday we taught them the restoration. We also taught a part of the Plan of salvation Because Pricila (the mother of everyone) has had a really hard life, her father and mother died when she was young, just tuff stuff, and so we testified of the Atonement  and the Resurrection. Then somehow we tied it all back to the Restoration and just made a spiritual Bomb and it was amazing. When we asked if they would be baptized the older daughter said yes altido, them came the other three. It was AMAZING! Then to top it all off we went to the Temple today, which is always a spiritual boost. Love you all and hope your week is awesome. 
Love E' Whetten