Thursday, July 10, 2014

Argentina Pictures

 service project from san vicente

saying goodbye to members

 traveling to my new area(la cumbre)

 old companion( montaƱo)

 new companion(castillo)

jammin out and jumping rope

 the cone of shame and laughing


 Argentina won!!!

 another pday gone:P

one of those stupid pictures girls always take in bathrooms using the miror haha

Jesse - Email - July 7

hello to the Arizona heat! right now i could really use some of it! for the past two days it was raining and really cold but of course we tracted anyways. we got a little wet and it was a little hard to stay warmer but we survived. and the blessing is that we havnt gotten sick. the work this week was absolutley amazing and i dont really think i can describe it. we were really blessed and found 5 new investigators! and one of them we found Saturdayy and came to church the very next day! his name is Silvio and he is 23 years old, we are pretty sure this guy is going to serve a mission. speaking of missions Maxi essquivel, the second baptism ive had in Argentina has served 2 mini missions and i think started doing his papers to serve a full time mission! theres a little pride in my heart with that young man:P but things here in La Cumbre have been great, the members help a ton and even the less actives are helping. im pretty sure the number of less actives in church this sundays outnumbered those of the active members! and they give us a lot of refernces so even better! we have i belive 4 baptism dates for this month so we will have to wait and see which of them have a real change of heart. ARGENITINA made it to the semi-finals!!!! and surprisingly its the first time in 24 years!! we play on wednesday against Holanda(netherlands in inglish) and that is going to be a great match! and things are going to be crazy if we win or loze, so im hoping we win! today we played volleyball but with a soccerball and everything other than hands, i love the Futbol here!!!! it never gets tiring!! overall a really great week full of blessings and excitement for the wolrd cup(Mundial! from the sound of it everyone at home is doing great and had fun at the beach in cali, im a little jealous but then i realize im in argentina!!! haha i love everyone but i just might stay in argentina serving the lord for a little longer than 2 years:P i love everyone and pray that you are all safe and doing well! nos vemos, y desfrutan el mundial!!! by the way im not sre if you can use it but there is a site you can watch all the games live, "futbollparatodos" just in case yu want to watch the reast of the world cup:) `
elder Whetten

Diana - July 7

So a little less then a year ago I started on one of the hardest things i have ever decided to do. I joined the ranks of the Lords army and a group of very special and amazing women. As a Sister missionary I often feel like I am not good enough. That Elders can so so much more good because they are stronger, braver and bigger. They have the priesthood they can help in ways the I will never be able to. 
 To any Sister who feels this way " Stop it" If all God ever wanted was Elders why in the world would he have lowered the age for us to go out? Why would girls even be allowed to come out on missions? The answers is GOD NEEDS US WOMEN!!!! Men and women are different so I am not saying that we dont need Elders because we do. But God needs each of us. Girl and boys we each bring something that the world needs. YOU can only teach the people YOU meet. God gave them to you because he trusted you to teach these people and only your testimony can touch them in the way that they need. 
 Being a sister missionary is had my companion and i were joking around and she said that the "Churches best kept secret is how hard a mission really is". it is not a walk in the park you will wake up tired, and people will not always be kind. But I know this That have no need to hang our heads because when we are yelled at, when people say horrible things We are, I am, YOU are standing shoulder to shoulder With the savior himself. he is here with us knocking doors with us he is here every step of the way. When I cry I know he is crying with me, when I am happy because someone finally listen and didnt slam the door he is happy. Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father love their Sister Missionaries and I love being a missionary. There is not greater joy then being a Sister Missionary!! 

Diana - July 1

Well transfers happened and Sister Nelson is in a new area and I have a new companion she is great sister prouce i have served with her before and she is great. 
I am so jealous yall are in Cali that is my place i love it there get extra tan for me ok. its so crazy that my life is kind of at a stand still but back home everything is still moving forward and it is great. i am excited for all of you. its going to be great going back to a new old safford!!! 

Well everyone mission life just keeps going and can you believe it a YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! it will be a year where is all this time going???? I really wish i could be a missionary for the rest of for ever it will be great. but i know my time is short and i have to work as hard as i can while i can. but i love you all and hope you all enjoy cali!!! 

love always sister Whetten