Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jesse - February 18, 2015

so i apologize for not letting you all know ahead of time but we weren't able to write on monday because it was a holiday. i cant remember if its the same in English but we had carnival here in argentina. nothing too big just another reason to stay home and drink some mate:P this was also the last full week that i would be with elder venancio, and we worked hard this week. at the beginning of the transfer we put a goal to have 30 lessons in at least one of the 6 weeks we had together, this week we met that goal. we had a total of 34! it was just a good feeling to help my companion finish his mission really strong! and even better than the numbers was that the lessons really helped and strengthened not only the investigators and less actives but it also helped us! one of the crazy things that happened this week was that we both got attacked by a pitbull, the stupid dog was mad because she was pregnant and just really protective i guess... but luckily we managed to get away from the dog and get some rocks in our hands. today we did get to eat at a all you can eat restaurant! there were some advantages to this place that we ate at! one it had sushi, asado, fish, salads and man it just made me a little home sick seeing so much food in one place for a low price! we were there for literally 2 hours. its raining right now like crazy so we will see if we get to play futbol. we have one baptismal date that we have set up for the 28 of this month i will let you know how that goes! other than that everything seems to be great! tomorrow i get to see who my new companion is going to be  so im stoked about that, another transfer down and only 3 more to go. 
Elder Whetten!!!

Anthony - February 18, 2015

Not-so-weekly report of the resident Hyena

This week was a good one, and since the month of February is almost over things are getting back to normal. Whatever normal is in the mission field. The problem with February is that everyone and their dog goes on a month long vacation so we can never catch anyone at home. We want to go on dibbs (dibbs are divisions, where you go with the members) but we can't, it pretty much sucks. Anyways we got back in contact with one of our investigators her name is Tatiana and we are actually going to go and have a lección with her in a little bit. She is super cool, I think I have talked about her before, we found her while contacting, but for a long time we haven't been able to teach her anything because her husband is a jerk and won't let us in. But we had a baptism in our ward and like good little missionaries we invited everyone we could to go. We invited her and she said she would try to get there but wasn't sure because of her husband. We walked to the chapel and the whole time we were praying like crazy people. When we got the people had just started going in, so we sat down and prayed some more. I found the other missionaries that were the and asked them to pray to. Then we got a phone call, it was from her. E' Bejarano answered the phone, we thought she was calling to tell us that she couldn't make it, but it wasn't. She couldn't find it, it turns out that she was on the wrong street. So we directed her to go to one spot and we would meet her there. That worked, and, after many apologies, we arrived at the chapel right as the first talk was starting. It was really cool. She had a great time, talking to the members and getting to know the ward a little better. Later on in the week (Like one day later) we went to lunch at this lady's house. Really nice lady and really geeky so I fall wall with her. Anyways we were sitting at the table and she brings us out this lump of stuff. I was not sure what it was. We started to eat it and I hear one of the other elders say under his breath: I can't stand tuna. I realized that that was the reason the food tasted fishy, because it was tuna and potatoes, but really nastily mixed together. All of us at the table had a hard time eating that stuff. We had one elder that was gagging it was so bad. Anyways I had finished mine, and was feeling kinda weird, and the three Elders that were sitting in front of me were just dying. And so I lost it. I started laughing, a laugh that just kept coming. Soon the whole table was laughing, and we had no idea why. We laughed and laughed and laughed. I was the worst one. I literally couldn't stop laughing. It just kept pouring out of me, gales of laughter, and tears streaming down my face. The only thing that kept everyone else laughing was the fact that I was laughing. One elder was laughing so hard he almost barfed and so he ran outside, and so did I, I needed some fresh air I couldn't stop. It was almost painful. But it was a good laugh reminded me of old times with dad and his terrible jokes. Other then that our week was pretty slow. Love you all, and hope your week is superb.
Love E' Whetten 

Oh and one more thing...

This week was my SIX MONTH ANNIVERSARY!!!! I completed six moths in the mission!!
Also HAPPY SINGLES AWARENESS DAY EVERYBODY!!! Kiss her if she yours, if not, enjoy your loneliness.