Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Anthony - December 2, 2015

Not-SO-Weekly report of ME!

SO I got on late, I don't have much time and my comp is pushing me out the door but I wanted to share an experience I had today MY comp and I were late tothe secion in the temple and we didn't want to make our "party" have to wait for us so we decided to stay out and just explore, and remember, anyways we found an hermana with her daughter that was preparing to go on the mission in Argentina, so we talked to them for a while. They were really cool. And we helped them take picture in front of the temple, the whole shabang. SO when my comp was taking the picture a lady asked me if she could go in with jeans. I said yeah and she went in and sat down, and what I now recognize as the spirit told me to go and talk to her. I ignored it and we went to buy some things and when we got back to the temple she was still there and I again received the revelation to talk to her, but all the other elders were there, so again I ignored it. In the end when we were about to leave I decided to go over and talk to her with E' Kelsh and so we went over and started to talk to her and she told us her whole story. She is membro and has made some bad decisions, she married a guy that is an ex communicated member that "would change" but it hasn't happened and she is getting drug down, and just different things, but the missionarys are helping her. The spirit was super strong, we said a prayer juntos and it was super cool. She goes home tomorrow and she said that she will go home mas tranquilo. It was cool, and I am glad that I was there and listened to the spirit. It was really a good week.